Wife cuts himself Shaving, and then goes into the hot Pool of blood poisoning

You almost died of blood poisoning – and that was only because she had risen with a tiny cut in a hot Pool. The 46-year-old Hayley Thomas from Swansea, great Britain, had accidentally cut while Shaving on my leg. A few hours later, they bathed together with her five-year-old son in an inflatable Swimming Pool with hot water.

The next day she woke up and felt like your skin was on fire, as the Daily Mail reported. A rash had spread all over her body. As you discovered nine days later exuding pressure ulcers on her leg, she went to the hospital. With the help of a biopsy, the Doctors found that she had blood poisoning. Thus, a bacterium in the hot bath water had triggered a pseudo-grandmas-infection and the Sepsis. The two-mm-long cut was enough, so that the bacterium has reached your bloodstream.

“I begged the Doctors to save my life”

The skin of the 46-Year-old began to peel off, according to the newspaper. The Doctors have already prepared to the fact that you would need to cut out large parts of your skin. “I begged her just to save my life. I would have done anything not to have to in this hospital bed to die,” said the woman.

Initially, the Doctors gave her different antibiotics, you should take it for 21 days. That was their salvation. After three weeks, she was allowed to leave the hospital. The mother is now saying that she will never again take a hot bath. The bacteria had triggered in your case, the blood poisoning, proliferate, especially at water temperatures of 25 degrees.

To hear, “I could die, just because I had taken after the Shave, a hot bath, was unbelievable. When my little son would get this infection, no more he’d be alive today. I’m glad that it was I who got sick.”

Two months later, the skin 46 is cured-Year-olds, as far as possible. However, red spots, and scars to remind you of what happened. “I almost lost my life and the fact that I’m still here, makes me so grateful for every single day that I allowed my son to spend. Every Moment that I am alive and my son is allowed to watch while Growing up, is now more valuable than ever before. I will never take for granted again.”

Source: Daily Mail

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