What August's Libra Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

Read what your sign's 2021 horoscope predictions have in store for you or check out the Libra personality profile. 

Welcome to August, Libra! July asked you to stand up for yourself in your professional life, and make sure that you're being compensated for your worth. You're the sign of balance, and while that makes you excellent at partnerships, it can make going to battle daunting. You don't want to upset anyone. But it's important to never pick pleasing others over your own personal gains. During the dark new moon in brave Leo on Sunday, August 8, you see the results of your efforts. This may mean getting a raise, a new job opportunity, or even having a breakthrough in therapy that helps you realize your value. 

When messenger Mercury enters practical Virgo on Wednesday, August 11, communication becomes honest and direct. If you're still negotiating with a boss or coworkers, you may start to wonder what you were afraid of. It turns out that if you confidently ask for what you want, Libra, it's easier to get it. 

Resist any temptation to start fights just because you're bored. 

Your charm works well in matters of love as well as money. On Monday, August 16, your ruling planet, lover Venus, enters your sign. Love and affection flow more easily, whether you're partnered, new to dating, or simply single and enjoying some attention. Sometimes even you, the sign of relationships, can confuse drama for passion. Don't be scared just because things are happy and calm in your love life. It's a good thing! In fact, soak it up; you deserve it, so try and resist any temptation to start fights just because you're bored. 

Then eccentric planet Uranus goes retrograde from Thursday, August 19 to Friday, January 14 in sensual Taurus. Like you, Uranis is ruled by pretty Venus. It is the wild child of the planets, so when it goes retrograde, life actually often becomes calmer. Following some themes from above, your task for Uranus retrograde is to stay calm and pour energy into healthy relationships. Some of our bad dating habits can stem from attachment patterns and childhood trauma, so if you're serious about being your best self in love, consider working with a therapist if you aren't already. 

You are the sign of partnerships, Libra, but don't forget about your relationship with yourself. 

So far, August has been all about how you interact with others, from people you work with to those you may be in romantic relationships with. You are the sign of partnerships, Libra, but don't forget about your relationship with yourself. Spend the full moon in independent Aquarius on Sunday, August 22 pampering yourself. This date also marks the start of Virgo season, and this sign is the healer of the zodiac. Stay in, give yourself a face mask, watch TV, eat your favorite foods, and get plenty of sleep. When you're well cared for, the rest of your life is likely to feel a bit easier. 

August begins to wrap up when messenger Mercury enters your sign on Monday, August 30. Communication has been a big theme for you this month and hopefully, you've challenged yourself by trying new healthy ways of doing so. When this planet enters your sign, having conversations that once scared you are likely to become easier — perhaps even so easy you may wonder why you stressed over them in the first place. Keep up the good work, and see you in September! 

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