Vaccination against pneumococcus for three at-risk groups it is particularly useful

In times of Corona also other pathogens to come to the new celebrity – of all the so-called pneumococcus. This is unlike the case of Sars-CoV-2 is not about viruses, but to bacteria. They live normally in the nose and throat of people and by droplet transfer, resulting in coughing, Sneezing, or Talking. In many cases, colonization with pneumococci power not to get sick. However, the immune system is weakened – for example, because it has to fight against other pathogens such as the Coronavirus or influenza virus can pneumococci lead to the so-called secondary infections. They are potentially dangerous and can result in severe cases, even death: pulmonary inflammation include, but also blood poisoning.

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Although there are against bacterial infections medication in Form of antibiotics, however, under certain circumstances, the funds are not sufficient. A serious complication such as a blood, it must be recognized poisoning early and treated quickly to prevent consequential damage. The pneumococcal vaccine prevents serious complications, by lowering the risk for secondary infections. But who should consider an immunization?

At the beginning of the Corona of a pandemic, the Federal Ministry of health, seniors are advised to get the pneumococcal vaccination. It is a rule followed the right Run on the vaccine quickly, the demand outstripped supply. There are now supply shortages. In order to distribute the resources in the best way possible, adapted to the Standing Committee on vaccination (Stiko) as a result, the recommendations on who should be immunize.

Current Stiko recommendations due to supply shortages

In times of scarce resources should be a priority of the pneumococcal vaccination:

In the current issue of the “Stiftung Warentest”, the recommendation is even close. It does not include lump all seniors of a certain age, but especially those with chronic diseases. In the case of chronically ill people – regardless of age – should be given preference, especially those with immunodeficiency. This also includes people taking immune-weakening drugs to count.

“In the current Situation, it is expected that especially the elderly with diseases, such as Diabetes, chronic lung or cardiovascular disease, as well as people with immune deficiencies and young children from pneumococcal vaccination benefit,” says Judith Günther, specialist pharmacist for medicinal product information and a member of the vaccine expert Board of the Stiftung Warentest. A protection against the corona virus was not given the vaccination, “but may be faced with additional pneumonia due to pneumococcus, which may complicate the course of the disease.”

According to the test the Benefits of vaccination is documented mainly in children under two years of age: they are prevented in this age group demonstrably serious diseases caused by pneumococci. The elderly aged 60 years and immune compromised people should get a pneumococcal vaccination after the age of six to brush up.

Pneumococcal vaccine: side effects are very rare

Health insurance companies will cover the cost of a vaccination for risk groups. To all of those, which is, in principle, come to a vaccination: children under two years of age, patients with certain chronic conditions and the Elderly over 60 years of age. The updated Corona-recommendations have takeover will not affect the cost.

The pneumococcal vaccine is generally well tolerated, but in very rare cases, it may also be due to the vaccine itself to side effects: injection site to swell, redden, or pain can place. Also, it can cause temporary symptoms of illness such as fever. The complaints disappear within a few days.

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