Three years of blind, almost, because it is a related kissed had

It is a typical everyday situation: The aunt comes to visit and pushes the nephew a big kiss in the face. This loving gesture was the three-year-old Baylie-Gray from the United Kingdom in the year 2017, however, fatal. He was diagnosed with a herpes infection and went blind almost. His mother Hayley would now like to warn all parents against the serious consequences of such a disease, to report, among other things, the “Manchester Evening News”.

“They told me that Baylie blind you could see if the Virus would spread to his eyes – I was absolutely terrified,” says Hayley. That something wasn’t right, she had only noticed when her son Baylie-Gray is a fierce rash on the face and increasingly lethargic behaved. At this time, the Briton with her second son, Vito pregnant. Doctors told Hayley to bring her son to a hospital. There was then found that the Boy with the Herpes was Simplex was Virus infected. Hayley suspects that her son had contact with a relative, and she says to the British media. The related to have had a herpes infection, and the boy a kiss given.

Herpes infection can have serious consequences

For her as yet unborn child of an infection could have fatal consequences. Fortunately, a perfectly healthy son named Vito came in may 2017, however, to the world. Both he as well as Baylie are now well again. The Virus is transmitted through saliva, skin contact, and sometimes even by touch transfer. For adults infection is safe for babies and children it can be life-threatening.

Source: “Manchester Evening News”

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