There is soon to antibody drugs against Covid-19?

You can see in the Video: there Is soon to antibody drugs against Covid-19?

Worldwide, several researchers reported the first small successes in the search for antibodies as a means to prevent a Corona condition.

Dutch researchers report, for example, in the journal “Nature Communications” that they have produced in the laboratory a human antibody that is capable to turn off cell try the Coronavirus. The researchers write that the antibodies have the potential to prevent Covid-19, or to at least be used for the treatment.

Other groups of researchers, from Israel and Germany, working on such antibodies.

So far, the research groups were able to demonstrate the basic efficacy of these antibodies produced only in the laboratory.

This is a first step, but so far, there are neither Tests in animals nor in humans. Prior to application as a drug, many further steps are still necessary.

Yet is also open, how long a direct gift of antibodies could confer protection.

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