The summer heat is poison to medicine

To more than 70 °C, the temperatures can climb on the parcel shelf or the dashboard in the car, if the weather is Sunny and warm. Not a good place for drugs, even if they are still in the box. Heat can harm them.

In the case of long car stowed away trips drugs under a front seat or in the trunk. In General, the medicines need protection from the heat. "A drug is stored incorrectly, it can its effect &ndash lose; even if the outside is not sieht", Dr. Hannes Müller, member of the Executive Committee of the Federal chamber of pharmacists says. Tablets or capsules can tolerate temperature fluctuations relatively well. Asthma sprays are, for example, in the direct sun, you can heat up strongly. The changed their dosage accuracy and efficacy.

Some changes are also visible from the outside. For example, suppositories melt in the sun. You are melted once, may be the Cooling is not more used. The reason is that The active ingredients can be distributed in the molten basis unevenly. Creams can also be changed by heat consistency, and the components separate.

Drugs temperature are different sensitive. Some also need to &quot in the summer, specifically;kühl" be stored, this means below 8 °C. This includes Insulin or some of the so-called biologics belong. To home you this medicine in the refrigerator. On the way they transported the supplies in a cooling tank. Make sure that the drug has no direct contact to the cooling elements. Because if you are on medication freezing, it can change their effect and they are after thawing unusable. Cool temperatures are used for storage at home as well as for the Transport from the pharmacy to the patient.


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