Stiftung Warentest checks Deos: What is a reliable protection against underarm odor and sweat?

Sweat The sweat glands release water, the connection evaporates and the surface of the body cools. In the summer keeps the sweat in front of us, the body temperature becomes too high. However, the actually a useful function can also be the Problem: namely, if the bacteria decompose the odorless sweat, and body odor. Especially fast this happens in the armpits.

Deodorants can prevent it, but not every product protects equally well. Stiftung Warentest has taken in the current edition of 21 products under the microscope – including deodorants and antiperspirants to stop excessive sweating. The auditor to draw a positive conclusion: 13 tested Unisex products reliably protect against smelly armpits. And also three antiperspirants perform well.

Good Deodorants for little money

The current test report shows that Good protection doesn’t have to be expensive. Scarce test winner in the antiperspirants is the “dm Balea Anti-perspirant”, that costs 55 cents per 50-Milliliter package. Antiperspirants, unlike Deodorants in addition to the aluminum salts. The aluminum blocks the sweat glands temporarily and inhibits the flow of Sweat. Antiperspirants do not prevent in this way, only the formation of an odor, but excessive sweating. However, the substances are controversial – they can accumulate in the body and are suspected to promote breast cancer or Alzheimer’s.

The Study on possible Health effects is not, however, judges were test. Therefore, the examiner does not argue in principle against products with aluminum salts. “Who does not like to dispense with antiperspirants, you should use only on healthy skin: Shave your armpits the night before. Thus, the aluminum consumption can be lowered”, – stated in the current Test output.

An Alternative to antiperspirants can be the deodorants, which usually contain no aluminum salts. Many manufacturers also advertise with the note “Without aluminium salts” on the packaging. The products can prevent, in the view of the test sweating while reliable. However, many deodorants in the Test to prevent underarm odor. Test winner in the deodorants is the “CD Deo water Lily”, for 1,35 Euro. Also good, but a little cheaper the Deodorant of Aldi Nord (Biocura) for 0,55 Euro.

The Tail Lights

Two deodorants were not able to convince, however, and got a “Defective”: The solid deodorant from the house of “Lush” (90 grams/8.95 euros) bans, although smells, but it contains an allergenic fragrance, which is not noted on the package insert, were criticized test. Also “deficient” is the “natural Soda Deodorant” of Ben&Anna, this prevents namely, underarm wetness, but hardly any scent.

The full Test, there is a fee here.

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