Spahn insists more on immunity badge – what lies behind the controversial proposal

Jens Spahn insists on the introduction of an immunity card in Germany. Because the Minister of health says that other States planned to make the admission of such evidence depends, think it still makes sense. Spahn had originally planned, such a card with the second population protection act, read the relevant passages, however, after massive criticism, again swipe. But what the project is actually, that by some critics as a vaccination by the back door is seen?

The design was to complement Section 22 of the German infection protection act, a rider that a doctor can document the “HIV status of a Person in relation to the immunity against a particular communicable disease.” So in a vaccination certificate is registered, it could be, whether it is against an infectious disease immune, for example, because it has been made by, or on the other hand, vaccinated. There would then be noted also, as the immunity has been demonstrated, and for how long someone is likely to be immune.

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In addition, and the strongest criticism stirred Paragraph 28 of the same act should be extended. It’s about possible measures that could be taken by the government to be an infectious disease. In the originally planned expansion, it was said, must be considered “in a reasonable manner”, the extent to which the immunity card detected immune Person of such restrictive measures “could in whole or in part” are excluded. In clear text: any person Who can prove his immunity, for the contact, for example prohibitions would not apply.

Vaccination through the back door?

The criticism: social participation of an immunity-dependent, it could lead people to intentionally infect. It would force a split in the society and could be understood as an indirect form of compulsory vaccination. On top of that has not yet been clarified scientifically final, whether infection with Sars-CoV-2 leads to a immunity, and if so, for how long. An effective vaccine is not yet in sight.

These arguments were convincing, both passages were deleted from the draft law. Spahn asked the ethics Board for an opinion and said that Germany should discuss the time to take it to. Since then, he stressed, however, that he wants to continue to stick to the basic Plan, with the Argument that in foreign countries there would be similar plans.

In fact, the European Union has been working since at least 2018 – and thus, logically, corona-independently – in an Initiative that aims to increase acceptance of vaccinations. One of the goals of the “Roadmap on Vaccination” is a standardized international Vaccination card for all EU citizens in the year 2022. How exactly this might look like, and whether any restrictions would be associated, but it is still completely unclear.

“Digital certificates” that provide information on vaccination status?

The mind games to immunity identity cards have been around for longer. Even Bill Gates, who is involved with his Foundation is massively in the health sector, had declared in March in a survey on Reddit and later on his Blog that we “will eventually have digital certificates” that showed the world who was due to vaccination or Survive the infection immune. How exactly this might look like, he did not specify, he also.

Spahn suggests that we have to deal with the topic one way or the other apart, if other countries immunity cards would require, at the entry. For Germany experts on the question of whether there may be undue discrimination would be, for certain people, for example, mass events to exclude, if you showed no immunity. Such questions need to be further discussed. We are as at the beginning of a probably long social and political debate.

Sources: Original bill / printed matter to the law / laws in the Internet / EU / Bill Gates Blog

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