Soon the leading cause of death third cause: 10 facts about the lung disease COPD

COPD is an incurable respiratory disease, the Affected often appreciate. It develops insidiously, but it will destroy the respiratory system irretrievably. FOCUS Online called ten facts you should know about COPD.

  • COPD will be in the year 2020, the third most common cause of death.
  • Smoking carries by far the greatest risk factor.
  • There is no cure as yet.

In Germany, an estimated 6.8 million people in the respiratory disease COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Out of ignorance many COPD as “smoker’s lung”, which is not the wrong way: 80 percent of the patients have smoked or are Smoking still trivialize.

The typical COPD Patient is coughing a lot, spits in the morning, mucus in the sink, gets, despite the slower walking speed of shortness of breath and sounds on the Exhale, humming or whistling.

The Doctor Uta Butt is the coordinator of the German airway League and FOCUS Online called the ten most important facts about the incurable disease. Best offer on

Fact 1: the letters COPD stand for

The abbreviation COPD stands for chronic obstructive Bronchitis with and without emphysema, a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Chronic means that the disease remains for ever. Obstructive means that the Airways are narrowed.

Bronchitis means an inflammation of the bronchi. Emphysema, the lungs are bubbles überbläht, there is always more air in the lungs gets trapped – which is connected with a destruction of lung tissue.

The medical term COPD summarizes two diseases with very similar symptoms: The Patient suffers from a chronic obstructive Bronchitis and/or emphysema.

COPD from to trivialize many people as a “smoker’s cough”, which is not the wrong way: 80 percent of the patients have smoked or are Smoking still.

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Fact 2: As the disease makes itself felt

The early signs of the disease to be overlooked the most. You don’t suspect that you get rid of a Bronchitis or too little condition, and therefore quickly in shortness of breath. Typical COPD symptoms are these:

Cough: The main symptom is the cough that gradually becomes more persistent. He haunts the Ill, especially after Waking up.

Ejection: The Affected person complains about sputum – mucus, he is difficult to cough up.

Shortness of breath: COPD Sufferer feels that he is too little air gets in, complains of a Tight feeling in the chest. “The typical COPD is Ill at the end of 40 and can no longer be a burden on your physical well-being,” explains Uta Butt of the German respiratory League.

The Diseased belittles his shortness of breath: He was older, driving is admittedly too little Sport. Instead, however, habituate, protects it still more, avoids physical exertion.

Perhaps he only reluctantly out of the house. A respiratory infection is added, to aggravate his complaints in a logical manner.

Typical noise on Exhalation: The Exhale sounds like humming or whistling.

Weight loss: In the later stage of the disease losing Concerned weight, because COPD costs the body a lot of energy, as the Doctor Uta Butt explains.

In COPD are the so-called exacerbations feared. This means that a Symptom or equal to worse all in one fell swoop.

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