Skin care tips for people with Vitiligo

Millions of people worldwide suffer from Vitiligo, a disease in which the skin loses its natural pigmentation and bright skin patch form. Also if, in addition to the bright spots are usually no other symptoms occur, the disease may be distressing. Dermatologists understand that patients can do with Vitiligo but even more, to reduce visibility and to prevent the spread.

"Many people with Vitiligo have no other signs or symptoms and feel completely gesund", Prof. Dr. Anisha Patel, a dermatologist at the Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas says. The Vitiligo is caused by a change in the appearance could influence the people involved emotionally. "The good news is that there are things that can patients do at home, to können&quot the condition better;, so Patel.

The skin doctor gives the following tips:

Dr. Patel points out that there are many treatment options for Vitiligo: "The more active your Vitiligo is, the better it responds to treatment. A dermatologist will create together with you a treatment plan."


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