Screen waiver in the evening improves sleep

The sleep of teenagers seems to be improving, by renouncing in the evening on Smartphones, Tablets or computers. The success came after a week. And also symptoms such as fatigue, lack of concentration and bad mood decreased.

Young people involved in the evening, less with devices that emit blue light, the effect on your night’s rest. After a week, your sleep quality improves and they suffer less from fatigue, lack of concentration and bad mood. This is a study whose results were presented at the annual meeting of the European society for endocrinology in Lyon shows.

Teenagers who spent more than four hours a day in front of screens, showed more symptoms of lack of sleep as a Teenager, which was only an hour per day on the screen. In the case of 25 young people was tested to determine how abstinence and the blocking of the blue had a light through a pair of glasses on sleep: Both methods showed already after one week of success, the young people went to sleep 20 minutes sooner and showed less symptoms of lack of sleep. Recent studies have shown, that the light of screens on Smartphones, Tablets, and computers disrupt the internal clock and the production of the sleep hormone Melatonin, so sleep problems may be the result. The lack of sleep, and then, in turn, symptoms such as fatigue and lack of concentration, and can also increase the risk for long-term health problems such as Obesity, Diabetes, and heart disease.


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