Researchers refute the 1-Egg rule: How many eggs should you eat per day really

Because they cause the cholesterol level to rise, and so the heart might promote diseases, were eggs long considered to be unhealthy. Several studies have disproved this connection. A Team of US Doctors is fueling the discussion on the “bad eggs” again.

  • International studies show that eggs do not pose a risk for heart health.
  • American Doctors put eggs still in the Index.
  • FOCUS Online explains how much Egg is actually healthy.

231 eggs like many in the us per year. The Federal Agency for agriculture and food reported. Since eggs not only taste good, but also proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, pay attention to some, even strict to take one Egg per day.

However, eggs contain the blood fat cholesterol. It can narrow arteries due to deposits, and thus the risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke increase.

These 1: 1 Egg per day reduced the risk of stroke

The food industry advertises, therefore, cholesterol-free, supposedly healthier products. Various studies have long since given the all-clear. As a result, American researchers from the EpidStat Institute in Michigan and the DLW Consulting Services in Utah came to the conclusion: eggs, the risk for coronary heart disease and a stroke.

On the contrary, The researchers even found evidence that an Egg per day can reduce the risk of stroke.

The US researchers analyzed seven studies. Your investigation appeared to 2016. Three years previously the Chinese nutrition scientists came to the same result: Even those who every day eat eggs, does not increase the risk for heart disease.

Thesis 2: the eggs should not be on the dining plan

Even more amazing is that a group of American Doctors is to remove eggs from the diet again. Researchers from twelve institutions have analyzed 25 studies and new recommendations for a healthy diet developed.

In the study, which appeared in the March-2017 issue of the “Journal of the American College of Cardiology”, it means: eggs raise cholesterol levels and should be on the ground, therefore, at most very rare on the plate.

And now? No wonder, then, that the conflicting recommendations may confuse the consumer. FOCUS Online has asked two cardiologists.

The German experts say the eggs dispute

Helmut Gohlke, a Board member of the German heart Foundation, warns, to transfer the results of the American study on Germany. The crucial factor in Egg consumption, the “accompanying diet”.

1. The important thing is what you to the eggs to eat

During a Breakfast in the U.S. often consists of Egg with bacon, enjoy German rather have a hard-boiled Egg with vegetables. That’s the big difference: Americans on the Bacon side dish in addition to unhealthy, saturated fatty acids. Who eighth instead on a Mediterranean diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and unsaturated fatty acids (from olive oil), must make the level of cholesterol less.

Studies have shown that 400 grams of fruit and vegetables per day can reduce the risk for vascular atherosclerosis. “The Mediterranean diet has in each cholesterol levels a beneficial effect,” says Gohlke. To consider, instead of individual food components, consumers should pay attention rather to an overall healthy, balanced diet.

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