Pilates brings the blood pressure down

Pilates can improve the cardiovascular health of young, obese women, shows a US study: After only twelve weeks of Training, which was carried out three times per week with gradually increasing requirements, had the vessels of the stiffness of the blood and the blood pressure of the participants considerably reduced.

In the investigation, women participated between 19 and 27 years of age with high blood pressure and a significantly high BMI of 30-40 kg/m2. Among other things, the upper reduced blood pressure value to the participants by an average of 6 mmHg. The women, who had previously driven for less than 90 minutes of Sport per week, trained three times a week for one hour each on an exercise Mat, where they led, after an initial warm-up and Stretching, 40 minutes of General Pilates Exercises, followed by a ten minute cool-down. The intensity increased over the twelve weeks, and the Training was led by a certified Pilates teacher.

Pilates is a full body workout, with special emphasis on the strengthening of the core muscles as well as flexibility, posture, and controlled breathing is placed. Such a Training could support the health of obese women, the bustle, often very little or no exercise. In the "American Journal of Hypertension" the researchers: &quot reports;Our hypothesis was that Pilates could reduce on the Mat the risk of high blood pressure in young, overweight women. Our results provide evidence that Pilates promotes the health of the cardiovascular system by lowering blood pressure, arterial stiffness, and the body fat levels in obese women with elevated blood pressure." As traditional cardio or strength training of overweight individuals is rarely carried out permanently, could Pilates be an effective Alternative for the prevention of hypertension and cardiovascular problems in obese adults.


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