Optimists sleep better

Been longer you know that optimistic people are less likely to be chronically ill and live longer. Researchers at the Medical University of Vienna have found a possible cause: optimists sleep better. Their study is in the "Journal of Sleep Research" appeared.

Who goes with a positive attitude through life, suffers to 70 percent less likely to sleep disorders and insomnia than pessimists. The a recent survey of 1,000 people in Austria, under the direction of Jacob Weitzer and Eva Schernhammer of the Department of epidemiology at the medical University of Vienna.

Weitzer explained: "Other studies have shown that optimists do more Sport, less feed Smoking and healthier. In addition, you can apply better strategies to cope with problems and feel less Stress in challenging situations. All of these factors can lead to a better night’s sleep."

Optimism can exercise

Less optimistic people might be working Weitzer according to which but in their setting. He recommends the "Best Possible Self-the method: You stand up for an Ideal, and write down how your life in the future in the best case, could look like. If you practice this over several weeks regularly, you can promote your own optimism. It is not a question to achieve this Ideal in fact, but rather reflect and to set realistic goals to work towards.

Weitzer noted, however, that you know, whether you are sleeping in is actually better if you trained his optimism through such Exercises: The need to be proven by further investigations.


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