Obesity is a critical risk factor for type 2 Diabetes

Much stronger than the genetic makeup or life-style, obesity increases the risk for type 2 Diabetes: a minimum of six times. This resulted from the analysis of a large Danish sample of 4,700 people in less than 15 years of Diabetes have had the disease.

The study participants were an average of 56.1 years of age to 21.8% obese, and 43.0 percent overweight. As obese or obese, apply for people with a BMI over 30 kg/m2. The name "übergewichtig" sets a BMI between 25 and 29.9 kg/m2 in advance. Compared to normal-weight people developed people with obesity almost six times more likely to have type 2 Diabetes, while the risk was in overweight people, a 2.4-fold higher. Individuals with a high genetic risk developed twice as often in type 2 Diabetes as those with the lowest assessment.

The life style was evaluated according to Smoking, alcohol consumption, physical activity and diet, was at 40.0 percent of the participants in a convenient, 34.6 percent of medium quality and 25.4 percent bad. People with an unhealthy life-style developed to 18 percent more likely to have a type-2-Diabetes than those with a good life style.

Persons with a particularly unfavorable constellation – Obesity, a strong hereditary predisposition and bad life-style – a 14.5-fold increased risk of developing type 2 Diabetes, compared with normal-weight subjects with a low genetic risk and healthy life-style. Even in the case of persons with a low hereditary predisposition and favorable life-style with increased obesity risk to the 8.4-fold.

The authors conclude from the results: "The prevention of type 2 Diabetes through weight management and healthy way of life is the same for all genetic risk groups is of crucial importance. In addition, we have found that the impact of obesity on type 2 Diabetes risk is the dominant factor compared with other risk factors and weight management in the prevention of type 2 Diabetes, particularly important."


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