Measles vaccination decided: Spahn brings a controversial bill in the Cabinet, and

Point victory for Jens Spahn (CDU). After months of discussions and debates of the Federal Minister of health has presented the draft law to a nationwide vaccination in the Cabinet. Thus should have to prove from next year, kindergarten children, pupils and various groups of adults, that they have been vaccinated against measles.

After this year, already more than 400 measles cases reported had been to it, there is “a significant risk to public health that needs to be met with further measures”, – stated in Spahns explanatory Memorandum to the draft of the measles protection act, which is present the German press Agency. The law stipulates that, in future, children and staff in daycare centers and schools, staff in medical institutions and also people and staff need to be vaccinated in the so-called community facilities. Including asylum-seekers homes in the fall, refugee accommodation, and holiday camps.

(Almost) any doctor may carry out measles vaccination

Anyone who violates the mandatory vaccination, a sensitive penalty. The Minister of health Spahn had threatened Impfverweigerern already at the beginning of may with a fine of up to 2500 euros. Responsible for Monitoring and fines, the local health offices. Day-care centres, schools and other institutions must Impfsäumige report to you. Citing the Ministry of health, the “image”newspaper had already an estimated 600,000 children and adults, which should subsequently be vaccinated.

In force for the measles to come-vaccination in March 2020. After the Cabinet has to agree to after the summer break of the Bundestag. In the Bundesrat, the law can not be stopped, because in the countries of the chamber, consent is not there according to the government, subject to. Children and staff at the time of the entry into force of the law in March in a nursery, school or community Agency, must have the vaccination no later than 31. July 2021 to demonstrate. Verified by the Vaccination card, the yellow child examination booklet, or by a medical certificate, stating that you had the measles already.

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