Life expectancy in Germany is increasing slightly

Well again a month longer: The life expectancy of a newborn in Germany has risen again slightly. Girls born today have a life expectancy of 83.3 years, according to the Federal Statistical office on Tuesday in Wiesbaden. In young life expectancy according to the mortality table at 78.5 years. Compared to the last survey, the life expectancy increased for both boys and girls by around 0.1 years.

The life expectancy at birth indicates how long a newborn would live current conditions, according to an average of. It rises in this country for many years. To the survey 2006/2008, you took a long at the girl in an average of 0.2 years, and in the young of 0.3 years. Meanwhile, they increased less strongly.

Still, the life expectancy of men and women differs, the difference is however become in the past years. By the year 2000, a newborn baby girl, had a six years higher life expectancy than a newborn boy. In the meantime, the difference is 4.8 years.

National and international differences

There are also differences between the Federal States. The highest life expectancy of newborns in the state of Baden-Württemberg (84,1 years for girls and 79.7 years for boys). The lowest life expectancy for girls in the Saarland (to 82.1 years) and for boys in Saxony-Anhalt (76.3 years). The difference between the sexes in favour of women is in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania the highest (6.4 years), in the state of Hesse is the lowest (4.3 years).

The Federal Statistical office reported that Germany is engaging in an international comparison, no peak position. For example, the newborn in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria have a higher life expectancy than in this country. Compared to the average of the EU countries, the young in Germany have a slightly higher life expectancy, namely, 0.2 years more girls with 0.2 years less a slightly lower.

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