Jewelry as a new method of contraception?

One day could be combined with the family planning easy with the Wearing of earrings, watches, rings, or necklaces. Special jewelry that contains contraceptive hormones, has already been tested on pigs and rats successfully.

Contraceptive hormonal patches, which are applied to parts of pieces of jewelry and when worn with the skin come into contact, led in pigs and hairless rats to high enough Hormone levels to ensure safe contraception. Even at a distance during the night, the hormone levels remained sufficiently high.

Mark Prausnitz, a Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, is of the opinion that "Since the Creation of the jewelry is already part of the everyday life of a woman, this method can help the correct application and prevent unwanted pregnancies." Active substance patches are already applied for the treatment of motion sickness, Smoking cessation, and menopause, they were in the past, but never in jewelry. Contraceptive patches there is also.

Prausnitz believes that the combination with jewelry for many women could be attractive. If the technique for contraception in humans, an application will need to renew the plaster on the jewelry regularly, for example weekly. The method could also be suitable for other drugs that are absorbed through the skin.


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