Is A Naturopath. An alleged miracle cure for cancer. Three Dead.

A seal closes the door of the alternative cancer center in the municipality Brüggen

This Text appeared in 2016, in the star, as the accusations against Klaus R. were made public. On the occasion of the court proceedings, we publish it again online. Some updates have been made.

Its home page should convey a sense of calm and Confidence: a sunset over the sea in Orange and yellow tones, smooth-washed stones that lead the way to the horizon. Klaus R., operator of the “Biological cancer centre is done” on the lower Rhine, tried to arouse pleasant associations – more than those who had taught the sober and sterile school of medicine to the sick. This also includes the keywords with which the health practitioner praised his methods did not fit: “alternative cancer treatment”, “therapeutic possibilities of a biological Basis”, “free of chemical poisons”.

Since the end of March to answer to R. on trial for three deaths. The public Prosecutor’s office accuses the 61-Year-old negligent homicide in three cases, and breach of the medicines act. In the case of a fourth patient is also part of the indictment. She had survived, as it seems without permanent damage from the treatment. “I have a good feeling that I have and clean have worked,” said R. before the court. There are ten negotiation were set days.

Three patients died within a short time

The case: at the end of July 2016, and killed three of the patients had previously been in the same period of R. dealt with: Leentje Callens, a pancreatic cancer Belgian, and the Dutch Peter van O., and Joke van der K., Two more fell Ill, who had been on the same day for therapy in a cancer centre, had gotten within four days afterwards, due to complaints to the hospital.

They all appear to have been of R. with the substance 3-Bromopyruvat (short 3-BP). The funds had referred to the then-58-Year-old on his website as “the best preparation for tumor treatment”, as “more effective than current chemotherapeutic agents”. “Non-toxic to healthy cells,” gentle to the body. Price for a ten-week cancer treatment: 9900 Euro.

The investigation of the death of the breast cancer had triggered, Joke van der, K., a 43-year-old mother of two children in the Dutch city of Wijk en Aalburg sick. They had suffered after the treatment, headache, and was later responsive and on 30. July, died in hospital in Mönchengladbach.

Soon after her death, the investigators realize that two other patients who had also been in the period of time in spent treated, were also passed remarkably quickly: The architect, Peter van O., 55, from the Dutch Apeldoorn was two days after the therapy, dead. His neighbors tell that the 52-year-old wife, Denise did not take his death – she committed suicide two weeks later suicide. On their white beige grief card is: “Your backpack was too heavy. You’ve fought with and for Peter. Now you two are back together, like You wanted.”

On the third day of treatment, the problems began

The Belgian Leentje Callens, 55, is the third case: you suffered for October 2015, of pancreatic cancer, had chemotherapy and a surgery. “Klaus R. we found on the Internet. During the preliminary interview, we asked him very carefully to 3-BP and possible side effects,” says Françoise Goedhuys, the wife of the deceased. R., I said fatigue, not more. The funds will not be harmful, without risk.

The first two days of treatment at the end of July passed without incident. The other patients in the practice had been a Joke, and Peter, Goedhuys. “But after treatment on the third day, my wife felt as if she would faint. The other patients had problems: the Joke has passed multiple times, then it started with Peter.”

On your demand, what was going on, Klaus R. said, he would have the same dose as the day before, administered, there could be no Problem. Instead of calling the ambulance, he has set the patient and family members in front of the door and “see you tomorrow,” he said. “My wife could not walk any more, the coordination of the legs worked,” says Goedhuys.

After epileptic seizures in the night calling was brought by ambulance from the Hotel in a private clinic in Nijmegen. “The Doctors thought it was a stroke or a severe brain injury,” says Goedhuys. The patient had fluid in the brain, fell into a coma and died later in intensive care. “Suddenly, police officers, the Prosecutor and forensic scientist. Then I learned: Also, Joke and Peter are dead.”

From these three death cases, urgent questions arise: Was the treatment with 3-BP infusions by the medical practitioner, the specific cause of death? Where moved to R, the medium from a pharmacy in Germany or from the USA? He has from the powder itself, the infusions mixed together, “a fatal mistake made, and too high a dose chosen,” as the Dutchman André Hartel, a former founder of the Biological cancer centre introduced and a temporary companion R. s, suspected in the newspaper “De Telegraaf”? The star responded Klaus R. not. The indictment accuses him of now, to have the Weigh of the drug wasted, a much too high dose.

Klaus R. had many foreign customers

In some of the neighboring countries of Germany, the regulations are to alternative medical methods much stricter than in this country, this is also why R. had a variety of foreign customers. “The patients came to the cancer center, were mainly the low countries”, says Jan Krenzien, owner of the Chough pharmacy in done. “These were cancer patients, clinging to the last straw.”

For the Internet R. left in the coat to photograph, like a doctor, with stethoscope. He is a trained tool-maker, who studied at the University of applied Sciences Gießen, medical technology, and after that, in the case of changing employers as the representative for medical devices worked. In any company, he remained for more than three years, say former colleagues. He was married and was regarded as a passionate hobby chef. Former neighbors describe him as a polite, hardworking man.

But it is also irritating facets in his life: he was active on the Board of the German patient society, an organization that vilified abortion as murder and organ donation, as organ harvesting. And a former companion of R. characterizes as: “He is extremely sure of themselves. If you confronted him, he said always to be in the right. I do not believe that he now has feelings of guilt.” Another friend felt that he was a notorious know-it-alls and right cast-headed self.

With over 50 years of R. was at the healer school in Krefeld, Germany, for training. In 2010, he failed the exam in the second attempt, he passed. In 2014 he started to work for André Hartel in the cancer center; later, he went there alone. He lived in 2016 in Moers in a 50-square-meter apartment, 370 Euro the rent, and drove a ten-year-old car.

“The administration as an Infusion is an absurdity”

3-BP, the substance of which the wondrous effects of R. Allee, is said to have since a couple of years ago, a cancer destroying efficacy. In fact, some reputable scientists explore the – not a of R. propagated “biological”, but chemical substance, including the American Johns Hopkins University. The substance inhibits the degradation of glucose and thus the energy production of cancer cells, so the statement approach. However, so Far only animal to exist, experimental studies and studies in the test tube.

Alternative medicine

"Irrsinn": The abolition of the medical practitioner profession in Germany?

On the application of the people, there is only one medical case reports: Among other things, administered the radiologist Thomas Vogl, University of Frankfurt am Main together with US scientists, a 16-year-old patient with a rare cancer of the liver the substance. In the framework of the “human Salvation project” has been injected with the medium several times locally in the artery that supplied the Tumor. The squadron has a bead smaller, but the Patient died two years later.

Vogl warns against the administration of the substance as an Infusion. To say the events in done he: “It is absurd that someone gives this substance that you can buy as a powder in some pharmacies, simply in an Infusion and then in the body.” In his opinion 3 should be BP only in scientifically controlled studies, and only applied locally.

The healing practitioner’s law, after the R. was admitted, dates back to the year 1939, and to open again the door to charlatans. In this country, naturopaths are allowed to give their customers not a prescription medicine, but alternative means. If patients are correctly informed, it is up to them to decide in full knowledge of the risks for an alternate treatment method.

A naturopath is not a training professional, there is no legally binding professional regulations and no state supervision over the quality of the training. Tested school-medical Knowledge, but not Knowledge to areas of Therapy later on. To cancer specialists can appoint themselves a naturopath. But: you need to realize in any case, infections and life-threatening conditions and call the doctor.

So it would also need to make Klaus R. upon the Occurrence of the corresponding symptoms of his patients. He did not do it, apparently.

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