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An effective and safe vaccine against Covid-19 is considered to be the crucial weapon in the fight against the pandemic. With the help of an international donor conference is to gather the EU-Commission is now billions of euros in donations for the development of a vaccine – should also be accessible to all people.

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Corona-News: A drug that makes hope

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) lists nearly 120 projects, the research on a vaccine. A few of the possible vaccines are already being tested in Phase I clinical trials on humans. This means that a small number of healthy Volunteers will be vaccinated in order to examine primarily the safety and tolerability of, and only to a lesser extent, the effectiveness.

Most of the research at the Hong Kong stock exchange-listed companies CanSino, whose vaccine is already being tested in the clinical phase II study is well advanced. That is, it is first tested on a larger test group, whether the vaccination acts. Before any market authorisation of large-scale, Phase III studies need to be successful.

Tests in Germany, China and the UK

In Germany, the first test phase starts with the company’s vaccine candidate for the Mainz-based biotechnology company BioNTech to 200 subjects. No later than the beginning of July, its first findings on impact are expected. BioNTech co-operates with the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer and hopes to be able to his Corona vaccine in the USA test.

"We and Corona"

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Three Chinese projects are, according to LSHTM in Phase I clinical trials: the pharmaceutical giant’s Sinovac, as well as two of the medical Institute in Shenzhen. According to the world health organization (WHO) also tested the vaccine from the Institute for biological products in Beijing and the Virology Institute in Wuhan already.

In the UK, the vaccine project at the University of Oxford has reached the first testing phase. At the same stage two developments in the USA: The vaccine candidate of the biotechnology company Inovio Pharmaceuticals, as well as those that the company Moderna together with the health authority NIH has developed.

To bring with vaccinations for the pandemic to a halt, and thus also permanently on safety precautions such as home and contact restrictions, waive, must have produced the vaccine in huge quantities, and mass imprisonment to be administered. The WHO and major pharmaceutical laboratories assume that it alone will take up to market maturity of a vaccine twelve to 18 months.

Some scientists are more optimistic. The British vaccine expert, Sarah Gilbert of Oxford University and her colleague, Frédéric Tangy from the French Pasteur Institute, for example, it is possible that already by the end of this year could be a vaccine ready for use.

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