In Germany, thousands of developing still to tuberculosis

In Baden-Württemberg has invested a total of more than a hundred students and teachers with tuberculosis, with four children, the disease is on the loose. So many infections in one place are unusual, basically, but every year fall ill in Germany several Thousand people to tuberculosis. Answers to the important questions.

What is tuberculosis?

In the case of tuberculosis it is an infectious disease caused by bacteria. Between infection and the onset of the disease months or even years can pass – the majority of the Infected, the immune system keeps the pathogen but not so much in chess, that the disease breaks out never.

Nevertheless, tuberculosis is the world’s most lethal infectious disease seen. 2017 together killed around 1.6 million people have tuberculosis, more than Aids and Malaria. Depending on the estimate, around a quarter is infected up to one-third of the world’s population with the bacteria.

How many cases are there in Germany?

A few decades ago, in the post-war period, was tuberculosis in Germany a big Problem. Today, the number of new cases per year has fluctuated around 5000. In the year 2018, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) 5479 cases were reported. So, tuberculosis is now one of the rare diseases.

Where are the diseases in Germany?

Many people in Germany are Refugees from countries where tuberculosis is still widely used. According to the latest Figures from the Robert Koch Institute for the year 2017, people with a foreign nationality, have an 18 times higher risk to develop tuberculosis:

  • While in this group, a 40.6 cases per 100,000 people occurred,
  • there were in the German population, only 2.2 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The Germans Concerned are the RKI, according to “most older people have become infected in the war or post – war years, and in old age an active tuberculosis developed”.

What is being done to the tuberculosis to curb in Germany?

A clip-on was demonstrated at the end of tuberculosis, the health Department, all people who had close contact with the Diseased. In 2017, six percent of all cases in Germany have been discovered in such an environment investigations. In addition, mandatory tuberculosis, exist legally-Screening for Refugees or asylum seekers in community shelters.

In addition, people are treated with an infectious tuberculosis in the hospital and isolated until there are no pathogens left in the sputum can be detected.

How big is the risk, in Germany, the infection is?

In spite of the cases among migrants tuberculosis is rare in Germany. “The risk of infection for the local population, therefore, remains very low,” writes the German Central Committee against tuberculosis.

The symptoms of tuberculosis?

Among the first complaints of cough and mild fever that last for weeks. Then, weight loss and fatigue can be added. Most often the tuberculosis bacteria in the lungs, 2017 this was more than 70 percent of the people Affected in Germany. If left untreated, tuberculosis can damage affected organs permanently.

What is the treatment for tuberculosis?

More and more tuberculosis bacteria are resistant to one or more drugs. After the diagnosis of experts test, therefore, whether the pathogens respond to all common antibiotics. This is the case, you need to swallow the victims of a half year to four different antibiotics. In General, you no longer are after a few weeks contagious.

Three percent of the Infected people in Germany suffered from 2017, however, among agents, in which the two key antibiotics no longer work. They needed other drugs, the therapy in these cases should often be 20 instead of six months.

How good the chances are?

The tuberculosis is detected early and successfully treated, heals you completely. 2017 was completed 80.9 percent of Patients on the treatment successfully. However, the Robert Koch Institute recorded 102 tuberculosis-related deaths.

How well a treatment is working, also depends on the age. “While the success of the treatment in childhood and in young adults, about 85 percent was decreased in the higher age groups and in patients aged 80 years and only a share of 53.6 percent,” writes the Robert Koch Institute.

When are the Affected contagious?

Contagious Affected only when the bacteria infect the lungs and breathing air, and especially when coughing to the outside. Breathe Healthy droplets with pathogens that can multiply the bacteria in your lungs. Children have a higher risk for Contracting the disease and becoming ill.

How many are Infected get sick?

Only five to ten percent of the Affected the immune system, the pathogen curb. Then it comes to inflammatory reactions and the disease breaks out. How big the risk is depends on the immune system of the Infected.

People with immune deficiency, especially HIV-Infected and children have become ill at a higher risk, to infection, to. For this reason, Infected a HIV Test is recommended. Has someone infected, can reduce preventive antibiotics, the risk that the disease will occur.

There is a vaccination against tuberculosis?

Yes, the vaccine contains attenuated causative agents. However, she offers no one hundred percent protection against infection and disease. Since tuberculosis in Germany is so rare, and vaccination is a relatively frequent side effects, it is not recommended since 1998.

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