Iberogast: What now for patients to

Currently, the Cologne public Prosecutor determined on account of a death with any possible connection to the herbal stomach medicine Iberogast. What does this mean for people who use the product currently or in the future want to take?

Iberogast contains a combination of nine different plant extracts. Including celandine, which, however, is already no longer under suspicion, can be toxic liver damage, including liver failure cause is located. Preparations containing a quantity of more than 2.5 milligrams celandine active substances per daily dose, are therefore no longer on the market for years. Low-dose where Iberogast, to warnings, to perform on the liver is the risk in the package leaflet.

Who wants to used the preparation or use, is best in the pharmacy or from the doctor’s advise and followed taking instructions. For example, patients who have liver disease or have already had may not use, no Iberogast. The same is true for Pregnant, Lactating and children under three years of age. Anyone taking a liver-damaging medicines, it must also go without the herbal drug Combination.

Occur when taking signs of liver injury, discontinue the drug immediately and a doctor. The symptoms include yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, discoloured stool, upper abdominal pain, Nausea, loss of appetite, and fatigue.

If at the time of initial application of Iberogast the complaints do not improve, should be consulted after a week of a doctor in order to eliminate organic causes. The complaints worsen or new symptoms to add to this, is also a doctor. In children under 6 years in the belly of a doctor in pain, in principle, should be consulted.

Iberogast is the stomach for the treatment of functional and motility-related gastrointestinal disorders such as irritation and irritable bowel syndrome used, as well as for supportive treatment of symptoms of an inflammation of the stomach mucosa. These diseases cause pain in the stomach, bloating, flatulence, gastro-intestinal cramps, Nausea, and heartburn.


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