I was sure I was pregnant, but it turned out I had cancer

Tammie and Richard Mylan had been looking forward to family growth, – a positive pregnancy test had given the occasion. Excited, the two British people looked forward to the ultrasound in the twelfth week of pregnancy. But when they arrived at the hospital, as Wales online reports “” were Tammie and her husband, the British actor in the series “Waterloo Road” (Tammie and Richard have to work seven years ago, during the filming of “Waterloo Road” hit, you had to know back then as a Make-up Artist worked), bad news. In the University hospital in Wales, they were told that no Baby in Tammies around become belly was, but that something was not right.

The reason for the curvature of a Choriocarcinoma was: where normally in a pregnancy, the placenta sits, had formed a Tumor that is too rapid, metastasis tends. That Tammies body poured out, nevertheless, pregnancy hormones, had led to the false test result. “I was sure I was pregnant, but it turned out I had cancer,” said Tammie “Wales online”.

The physician explained to the Couple that a Choriocarcinoma is a very rare Tumor that appears like a pregnancy: Instead of the placenta aggressive Trophoblast (cell structures) that form, however. Instead of full of anticipation to pregnancy control appointments to the 29-Year-old is now suddenly an Operation in the University hospital, after the you to London’s Charing Cross Hospital was relocated, a world – leading home for this special Tumor that occurs in only about 120 cases a year. The Doctors would have saved her life, as quoted by the “Wales Online” Tammie Mylan.

Then the chemotherapy was followed by

For eight months, was ordered to Tammie then every two weeks for Chemo. “I had to be as easy,” said Tammie Mylan “Wales Online”. “Richard has supported me throughout and came to every treatment.” The Couple married three years ago, has always wanted a family. At the time of their terrible diagnosis in March 2018 Tammie was in the last year of their training to become a nurse. During the Chemo, she has focused on her statements in order to distract himself. “This has really helped me to focus on something else.”

On Friday they passed their final exam. Richard, her proud husband, and her parents celebrated with her.

Currently, Tammie is cancer free, but must still send regular blood samples to the Charing Cross Hospital. Tammie, however, is confident: “There’s nothing.” The Couple plans to continue trying to have a Baby. “The disease has reduced my chances, but the Doctors say I can still have a family,” says Tammie. “I don’t look back really, I’m just grateful that I’ve made here, am and my degree. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

In October, Tammie and Richard is running the Cardiff half marathon and want to collect donations for Charing Cross Hospital – the hospital where Tammie has been dealt with.

Source: “Wales Online”

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