Hope that people will understand finally – an Italian, about the emergency situation in Turin

Valentina Garassino and is 23 and tells of how they experienced their home city of Turin during the Coronavirus: “Unfortunately, the infection numbers in the Piedmont and in Italy have risen. This Situation scares me a lot and I hope that Italy comes out as quickly as possible. Of the new rules I have learned in a press conference of our Prime Minister, Conte, who has made all Italy a “Red Zone”. What does this mean? The most important rule is: stay So much at home, how to do it. You should only go out three specific reasons, out: primary care, serious health problems or work commitments. In these cases, you can leave his place of residence – but you’ll need a self-certificate, which is one of the three reasons referred to must be that I have just listed. With basic care, these things are meant as grocery shopping or go to the pharmacy. I have, unfortunately, seen in the network are circulating Videos of people that stormed to the fullest, in order to go away. This is an irresponsible and thoughtless behavior that has brought many people in danger. In my home of Turin, less people to move out there, but there are still some who have not understood the seriousness of the situation. The Dating in groups and meet in the squares or in the Parks. That’s not the point. And it contradicts the rules that have been established. I hope that people will finally understand how serious the situation is and that you are not allowed to the Whole under-estimate. Hopefully, you will follow the rules at some point but, to the extent it is to stay at home. I hope that the Situation improves quickly and that Italy strengthened it shows.”

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