Hemorrhoids – causes and treatment

Purely anatomically there are hemorrhoids to sponge-like vascular cushions (corpora cavernosa) at the exit of the rectum. They are located above and below the sphincter. Hemorrhoids worry for the continence and prevent in Conjunction with the sphincter of gases and stool fluids to leak from the Anus. Accordingly, every human being has hemorrhoids. Of haemorrhoidal disease doctors speak, when these vascular cushions become enlarged and symptoms such as pain, Burning or after cause itching.

Colloquially, such an enlargement of the haemorrhoidal cushions is meant when of hemorrhoids is spoken. An estimated 70 to 80 percent of all adults suffer from swollen hemorrhoids. For the treatment of Haemorrhoids in different ways. In particular, mild forms and early stages can also be with home remedies treated effectively. As a General rule: The earlier treatment is begun, the easier and more effective this is.

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Home remedies for hemorrhoids

In the context of medical treatment measures can prevent the blood supply small hemorrhoids by means of infrared or injection, and thus the enlarged vascular cushions are obliterated. For larger hemorrhoids called rubber band ligation can be used. Through these shares, the hemorrhoid is tied off and so to the death. Also, a surgical removal of the enlarged vascular cushions are can be displayed.

Hemorrhoids can cause discomfort such as itching or Burning in the Anus. For prevention and for support in the therapy of more pronounced hemorrhoids naturopathy offers a number of ways. (Image: absolutely images/fotolia.com)

For the avoidance of such surgical procedure, it is useful to a haemorrhoidal disease already treated at an early stage. Many of those Affected suffer from hemorrhoids in the first and second stage. In this show, more than 50 percent even in the Absence of a medical or medical Intervention spontaneous remission (spontaneous regression).

Especially in the case of mild to medium severe hemorrhoids, symptomatic treatment with home remedies can be beneficial. You can burn symptoms such as the Anus, itching, oozing, and other abnormal sensations in the anal area to relieve. The home remedies that can inhibit the progression of the enlargement, and as a further expression of the discomfort to prevent. But even with advanced hemorrhoids home remedies can assist the school medical treatment. There are several simple remedies that can help with hemorrhoid complaints exist. These will be presented briefly in the Following.

Fast help by sitz baths

Sitz baths can provide substances with care and pain for quick symptom relief. Especially plant ingredients (herbal products) are on offer with a high proportion of tannins such as witch hazel (Hamamelis), or oak bark. Tannins have anti-inflammatory, astringent (astringent) and anti-microbial properties.

Sitz baths are the active ingredients with this plant, therefore, the location of the Inflammation in the area of the anus to inhibit and reduce pain and itching. Depending on the individual symptoms are different herbal medicines come into question, as these are part of its effects are different:

  • anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) effect: witch hazel bark and leaves (Hamamelidis cortex Hamamelidis folium), oak bark (Quercus cortex), chamomile flowers (Matricariae flos), butcher’s broom rhizome (Rusci rhizoma), poplar Bud (Populi gemma),
  • astringent (astringent) and antipruritic effect: witch hazel bark and leaves (Hamamelidis cortex Hamamelidis folium), oak bark (Quercus cortex), butcher’s broom rhizome (Rusci rhizoma), poplar Bud (Populi gemma),
  • vein tonic (venous tonic) effect: butcher’s broom rhizome (Rusci rhizoma)
  • or a styptic (hemostatic) effect: witch hazel bark and leaves (Hamamelidis cortex Hamamelidis folium), oak bark (Quercus cortex).

Due to their broad spectrum of action, mainly witch hazel and oak bark are widely used in the treatment of haemorrhoids. This oak bark provides a priority in the acute treatment and Hamamelis in the treatment of both acute as well as chronic complaints. The lukewarm sitz baths (with a maximum of 28 degrees Celsius) should be carried out for acute symptoms, once a day, and later for the prevention and suppression of disease progress, two to three times a week. For this purpose, are manufactured in a first step infusions from selected plants:

Oak bark,Three tablespoons of the crushed parts of plants with 300 milliliters of boiling water. After about a quarter of an hour strain and the sitz bath (= 20 liters of water).
Witch hazel: five to ten grams of the cut or coarsely powdered (bark) plant parts with 200 milliliters of boiling water, drain and after 10 minutes, strain and pour the sitz bath.

The bath time should not exceed 20 minutes. Then, the anal area thoroughly but gently dry, it should be spotted. In the presence of a cold stage in a cold dry using the hair dryer.

Combination of baths and ointments

In the hemorrhoid treatment has proven to be a combination of Seating baths with subsequent application of ointments or creams. This can contain the same herbal products are also used for sitz baths. The purely external application is not enough, often, when the enlarged vascular cushions in the Interior of the anal canal.

It is recommended the use of special, pharmacy, available applicators. These are screwed onto the tube of Ointment and using a pressure filled. To improve the sliding ability of the outlet can be rubbed opening at the top with a bit of ointment. Then, the applicator is introduced and the contents by pressure delivered. By means of a slight turning movement of the ointment may be evenly distributed in the anal canal.

Suppositories (suppositories), however, more likely to the hemorrhoids in the rectum (rectum). Only during the Stools, the active ingredients are coming temporarily to the intended site of action. Therefore, the use of suppositories is seen rather critical.

Ointments offer not good in combination with the seat baths. To enhance the application of special applicators are recommended from the pharmacy. (Image: Yeti Studio/fotolia.com)

Chair regulation by fibre-rich diet and exercise

The basis of each curative and preventive hemorrhoids treatment is a healthy diet to promote a well-regulated bowel movements. Enlargement of the vascular cushions are increasingly being caused by too strong pressing during Stool evacuation (defecation). In particular, people who frequently suffer from constipation (constipation) tend.

In the case of a constipation hard stool that can’t requires to have a bowel emptying only increased presses, but also the sensitive surface of the enlarged vascular cushions hurt. The enhanced presses, in turn, inhibits cushion for defecation required blood outflow from the Vessel. For a healthy bowel movement, the stool should be soft, dry and shaped.

To get a softer chair, sufficient, in many cases, a fiber-rich diet, drink enough and get enough exercise. These stimulate the peristalsis (bowel activity), reduce the haemorrhoidal underlying stool evacuation problems and also the accompanying discomfort.

Fiber-Rich Diet

The daily intake of fibre-rich food makes for an increase in Volume of the chair. This, in turn, leads to improved intestinal activity, prevents constipation. Fiber foods whole grain products, wheat bran, oatmeal, legumes and, in General, vegetables and fruit (especially dried fruit) are rich, for example.

Bread, white rice, white pasta, cocoa (chocolate), white bananas, grated Apples, mashed, blueberries, and black tea promote a constipation. Coffee, alcohol, and spicy foods irritate the intestinal lining. Thus, the recorded fiber can swell to increase in volume in the gut, should be included in addition, a sufficient amount of liquid (at least 1.5 litres). Because without sufficiently supplied to the liquid fiber can absorb liquids from the intestine and promote a constipation. Here water and unsweetened teas, sugar are preferable-containing drinks such as sodas.

In addition, it is recommended to increase dietary fiber intake gradually, to avoid overloading the intestine to the beginning and to avoid bloating. The taking of laxatives, should be agreed in each case by a physician. This lead in the long term, often a constipation and promote more of a constipation.

A fiber-rich diet to avoid constipation and the subsequent hemorrhoidal disease. (Image: photka/fotolia.com)

Sufficient Movement

Regular exercise promotes peristalsis (bowel activity), and keeps you fit the intestine. A well-functioning digestion, facilitates bowel movement and reduces efficiently the risk of blockages. Sufficient movement is in addition to a balanced and fiber-rich diet as a key factor in the reduction of Excess weight. Obesity is, in turn, suffer a risk factor for hemorrhoidal, because this blood may cause congestion in the vascular cushions.

Not meet these measures may provide a natural source of substances of remedy. Already, a tablespoon of bran, linseed and Indian psyllium in daily yogurt wheat can contribute to an improvement of the intestinal function. In General, probiotic milk products such as yogurt or cottage cheese can support the intestinal flora and therefore digestion. The additional use of source materials, however, is to ensure a high fluid intake.

Important behavior during bowel movement

A few of the behaviors the toilet, the chair can facilitate emptying and thus also the hemorrhoidal complained to relieve. So, it is recommended to refrain from long stays on the toilet. This straining of the blood vessels in the vascular cushion and lead to further expansions of the vascular cushions.

During bowel emptying should not be used also on presses. Rather, an attempt should be made to relax the anus. At a faster presses during the defecation of additional pressure on the buttocks cushion is exercised. This leads permanently to a further enlargement of the hemorrhoids. In addition, fixed toilet times (can support, for example, always in the morning after the Breakfast) the intestine in its activities.

Anal hygiene suffer important hemorrhoidal

The Stools should be completed by a careful anal hygiene. It is recommended here-clear water or a pH-neutral, mild cleansing lotion. The anal area can be showered or with a washcloth, gently cleaned. On wet toilet paper should be avoided, since this contains mostly substances that irritate the anus area potentially.

Generally speaking, soft wash cloth to DAB the anal area instead of toilet paper is recommended. In addition, a final skin care can be helpful.

After defecation a thorough anal hygiene is recommended. Long stays and strong presses should be avoided. (Photo: Odua Images/fotolia.com)

Compresses to extra care of the anal skin

For additional anal care also compresses may be applied. Here are the same active ingredients (among other things, witch hazel, oak bark), which are also used in sitting baths or ointments. Also, oil-impregnated non – woven or gauze cloths may be applied to soothe and care in the butt. Has proven useful here due to its compatibility with the skin olive oil (best with organic certification). This can be essential Oils such as lavender or tea tree oil enriched. For this purpose, a few drops should be to give a tablespoon of Oil.

Causes of hemorrhoids

The exact cause for the development of enlarged hemorrhoids is not yet finally clarified. Responsible for the weakened connective tissue in the growing age are drawn, since the 45 – to 65-Year-olds, the most common of hemorrhoids. In addition, chair regulatory problems, shear forces during the Passage of hard stool can cause to strong pressing during Stool evacuation (defecation), blood congestion and inadequate drainage of venous blood as well as increasing the pressure in the vessels, an expansion of the vascular cushion.

The following factors also favour the formation of Haemorrhoids:

  • a low fiber diet,
  • Tendency to constipation (constipation),
  • Obesity (Overweight),
  • Lack of exercise,
  • Pregnancy
  • and long stays on the toilet.

But also certain medications such as laxatives and medicine for diarrhea, agents for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors) and Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) can increase the hemorrhoids risk. It is assumed, moreover, that a hereditary predisposition to the development of extensions of the vascular cushions must be present.

Complaints, depending on the stage of the disease

The symptoms changes hemorrhoids with increasing size of the vascular cushions expansions. Even in smaller enlargements of the hemorrhoidal cushions the mucosa via the vascular cushions stretched. During the pressing or during the Passage of hard stools small blood skin vessels in the mucous membrane, therefore, easy to tear and lead to bleeding. This will be either the chair or the toilet paper or dripping.

By hemorrhoids related bleeding are bright red, as arterial blood outlet. Dark red blood indicates venous blood and, thus, on other intestinal disease as the cause of the bleeding. At the beginning of the bleeding weak, but with progression of the disease to be stronger. Pain does not occur in this stage (stage 1). It comes as a result of disturbed fine-financial statements in addition to a disposal of Secretions and mucus, irritated the anal mucosa (stage 2). It comes to itching, oozing, miracle skin, chair of soiled underwear (fecal incontinence), and pain.

In the further course of the extensions of the vascular cushions of the anal canal fall out, and are as protrusions palpable (stage 3). Physicians speak here of prolabiere the hemorrhoids. These are often associated with a foreign body sensation in the anal area, Seating discomfort, constant urge to defecate or a feeling of incomplete bowel emptying. Although diarrhea is not a typical hämorrhoidales Symptom, can occur in the disease course also by cases. This should also be treated, because the anal skin is irritated.


The combination of Seating baths, ointments, as well as a change in Diet to a diet rich in fiber has been proven, especially in the early stages (1 and 2) as a symptomatic treatment for the relief of the complaints. Also the progression of the disease can often be slowed down or even stopped. From a certain hemorrhoids size, respectively, in case of late symptoms, a doctor should be consulted. This can also exclude other disorders such as anal fissures, skin tags, or tumors. (fp)

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