Health insurance companies no longer pay for Globules

Who buys in France, homeopathic remedies, you must these numbers in the future. Health insurance companies no longer cover the costs, it shall notify the French Ministry of health.

The current reimbursement of 30 percent of the cost will initially be lowered to the turn of the year to 15 percent, as the French health Ministry announced on Tuesday. 2021 then it should be no assumption of costs more. Health Minister Agnès Buzyn, said that the transition phase should give both the patient as well as the industry time to prepare. The world’s largest manufacturer of homeopathic medicines, the company is Boiron, headquartered in France.

The judgment of the health authority

The French health authority HAS come to the end of June to the conclusion that there is no sufficient scientific evidence for the efficacy of homeopathy, in order to justify its reimbursement by public health insurance. It has been tested according to its own information, for nine months, almost 1200 homeopathic medicines, and more than a thousand scientific publications are analysed.

The HAS also pointed out that the use of homeopathy in serious progressive diseases shall not delay medically necessary treatment.

The controversy in France had begun last spring with an Opinion piece in the French daily newspaper “Le Figaro”. In it 124 Doctors called for “the exclusion of the esoteric disciplines – including homeopathy – medicine”. The Association of Homeopathic Physicians responded with an action before the National chamber of Physicians “due to the violation of professional ethics”.

The medical faculty of Lille had then decided to take the diploma course in homeopathy for 2018/19 to suspend. Then health Minister Agnès Buzyn ordered the examination of homeopathy by the Supreme health authority. “Homeopathy is so far refunded without any scientific control,” said Buzyn at the time. “If this medicine is useful for, shall be refunded to continue. If not, stop.”

In Germany, health insurance companies can decide whether or not you reimburse homeopathic treatments. Many insurance companies pay, for example, for a diagnostic interview with a homeopathic doctor. There is always criticism. The SPD-health politician Karl Lauterbach argues, however, that health insurance companies pay for homeopathy.

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