Hardly Anti-body: large study brings no evidence of herd immunity by Corona

The hopes are how the Corona could pandemic be overcome, that with time, more and more people due to an infection, antibodies develop, and thus immune to Sars-CoV-2. Gradually would develop in this way, the population of a so-called herd immunity. The Virus could spread, barely, with a largely normal public life would be possible again. Epidemiologists assume, that depending on the pathogen with a prevalence of 70 to 90 percent of the population is necessary. However, such a condition is reached when the current Coronavirus in the first place? According to the biggest anti-body study in Europe, it looks more like it.

Risk of infection

Can you do it in the pool, lake or ocean with a Corona?

Was carried out now in the journal “The Lancet” published a study in Spain – one of the Virus especially hard-hit country. The assumption was, that due to the severe infection events during the preliminary pandemic-the height of the peak in Europe, many people have been infected, where the disease Covid-19 mild or without symptoms went. This have, nevertheless, developed antibodies and would thus contribute to a herd protection. However, after investigation of more than 60,000 people, it looks as if that was not done. The result of the study: on Average, only five percent of the Spanish population have developed Corona antibodies.

Corona: the protection measures remain essential

“Although the Coronavirus has hit Spain particularly hard, the prävelenz estimates low and clearly not enough that herd immunity is achieved,” write the authors of the study. “For the future to combat the pandemic, measures such as Distance remain so, to Identify and Isolate new cases is essential,” it says. Supported by a statement of the pandemic expert Eric Toner of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, believes that masks are likely to belong to for many years of our everyday life. The Spanish study was conducted by a large group of Spanish epidemiologists and microbiologists from the National Institute of epidemiology at the Madrid Institute of health Carlos III of the Spanish Ministry of health and Harvard University in Boston.

When looking at the distribution of the antibody to occur shows that this is in the coastal regions of Spain is particularly low. Here and on the Islands have been observed only in a maximum of three percent of the human antibodies to Sars-CoV-2. In areas with major outbreaks in the country inside of ten to 15 percent of the human antibody in the blood. However, this number is far below the herd protection necessary values. It’s fitting that since the last weekend in Spain, two quarantine regions, after the Corona-protection measures in the country were relaxed. The Catalan Region of Segrià and the district of A Mariña, in the Galician province of Lugo had to be sealed off, since the number of the Corona is increased Infected again.

Johns Hopkins University

US physicians: "We are for years, with the masks leben"

“The Virus has not managed to do it”

The findings from Spain cover according to the authors, with similar studies from China and the United States. “The most important result of this representative cohorts is that the largest part of the population seems to be the Coronavirus not subjected to.” The meet, quite obviously, even to areas where the Virus is circulating heavily. A herd protection cannot arise in this way. The speaker of the British society for immunology, Danny Altman, described the Spanish study to the BBC, accordingly, as “sobering”.

Findings such as these confirmed the assumption that it will have to do the world with a deadly infection, the only short-term immunity, the immunologist from Imperial College in London. The challenge now is “to identify the best vaccination strategies with which these problems have been overcome and thus a long lasting and optimal immune response stimulated can be,” said Altman. “The Virus has not done that.” Means in plain text: For the irresponsible, so-called Corona-parties there are finally no more justification.

Sources: The Lancet, the BBC, the vfa, future zone, Johns Hopkins University, CNet

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