Go downhill to the food and promotes bone health

Researchers have women after menopause, after the meal, on a treadmill going downhill. This is a process that is common in women after the Menopause due to estrogen deficiency increases bone breaks may have inhibited your bone loss. Uphill is not the same Use had to run according to the study.

The researchers Uphill were interested, whether the mountain or run before or after meals, an effect on bone in women after the menopause. It showed that downward run after eating the removal of the bone most effectively reduced.

The researcher Katarina T. Borer, University of Michigan, who presented their findings last Sunday at the annual meeting of the society for endocrinology in New Orleans, said: "The best Exercise for your bones is a burden when you have to against gravity to work. If you go downhill, the force of attraction of gravity is greater." It assumes that with such a Training, the need for osteoporosis medications could be lowered, and that also may have stairs already a slight training effect.

The researchers studied 15 postmenopausal women suffering from Diabetes. While a group of non-trained, spent with the other women twice a day before or after food 40 minutes on a uphill or downhill inclined treadmill. Blood samples were taken to look for markers for bone formation and resorption, as well as to monitor the glucose metabolism.

Endocrinologists deal with the hormone research and urgent health problems of our time, such as Diabetes, Obesity, infertility, bone health or hormone-related cancers. The Endocrine Society is the world’s oldest and largest organization of scientists and Physicians devoted to hormone research and the treatment of people with hormonal disorders.


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