German Smoking more cigar

While in Germany, less and less cigarettes are sold, increasing the sales of cigars and cigarillos, significantly, shows an analysis of the Federal Statistical office. In total, have been sold in the past year, 74 billion cigarettes officially. Approximately 1.9 percent less than in 2017. In the case of all other tobacco products, there was a Plus to cigars because Smoking is more frequent and pipe tobacco or even turn.

In Germany there is currently, it is estimated that more than 16 million smokers. Statistically, one in seven dies from the effects of Smoking, as a study from the year 2017. Germany is thus above the global average.

Anyone who stops Smoking reduces the risk for various diseases. So Smoking for about a fifth of all cancers are directly responsible, but also heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes or chronic Bronchitis can often be on the Smoking. Who smokes, or smoked, shows also a much higher risk of a rheumatoid Arthritis – to develop a joint inflammation.

In the past year, especially sales of cigars and cigarillos has increased significantly – plus 6.5 per cent to three billion pieces. Sales of pipe tobacco increased by 2.7 percent. This also includes tobacco for water pipes and new tobacco products, called the evaporator. The amount of the taxed Fine-cut tobacco rose slightly, by 0.2 percent and amounted to more than 24,000 tons.

Decline is in the Trend

A total of tobacco in the past year were taxed at a value of 26.4 billion Euro. The were 1.7 percent more than in 2017. Of that 14.2 billion (minus 0.5 percent) went to the Treasury. The decline in the Wiesbaden-based authority led to the decline in cigarette sales – the most important Position among the tobacco products.

The German cigarette Association (DZV), reacted calmly to the development. “The decline is in the Trend that we expected in the annual consumption estimate,” said DZV managing Director, Jan Mücke. So far there is no evidence that smokers in Germany, shop cigarettes, increasingly, abroad. According to a study by the DZV for January to November 2018, the share of foreign cigarettes has decreased slightly to 17.6 %.

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