Free coffee after Lockdown-the end: new Zealand government sets the warning level down

You can see in the Video: In new Zealand, the warning level is reduced to three – the new Zealander celebrate with Free coffee.

Get out of the Lockdown and into the queue for Fast Food or coffee. Also kind of the end of the approximately month-long curfew to celebrate. Early on Tuesday morning the crowd in front of this store in Auckland, new Zealand was great. “That feels so good, I love it and missed it so much.” “This brings some relief,” he adds. In the city of Christchurch, a restaurateur donated even throughout the day, coffee for all and for nothing. Employees and customers were alike. “It is like my second family, great, all these familiar faces again.” “I’m out of the house, the coffee tastes incredible.” Around 400,000 people returned to their jobs after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the warning level for your country is slightly lowered. On Monday, she said the Lockdown have slows down the virus to happen out. “There is no widespread, undetected Transmission within the new Zealand community. This battle we have won, but we must continue to watch, so it stays that way.” On Tuesday Ardern stressed again the fight continued, he was going well in the next Phase. So it could still take weeks until the restrictions on the freedom of movement has been eliminated completely. The country’s borders remain closed, including shopping centre, pubs and hairdressers are still at least two weeks. The Lockdown actions for the nearly five million inhabitants of new Zealand were among the strictest in the world, they were regarded since the end of March.

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