For the first time, a child in Germany with Coronavirus infected – probably the whole family is affected

You are the confirmed Coronavirus cases five and six in Germany: In the case of a father and his child from the district of Traunstein, the Virus could be detected. The Bavarian health Ministry said in Munich. In the early afternoon, the authorities announced at a press conference further Details about the two new infections.

The man, therefore, is an employee of the automotive supplier Webasto. So far four confirmed infected German citizens are also Employees of the company. The novel Coronavirus was there, most likely by the visit of a colleague from China in circulation.

Coronavirus-patient is isolated in hospital

The man from the community of victory village had turned on Wednesday night with flu-like symptoms to his authority, said the head of the Traunsteiner health office, Wolfgang Krämer. He stated that one of the confirmed Infected had contact. Doctors of the health Department have investigated the family of five. She came by ambulance to the district hospital trostberg.

The Coronavirus-Tests in the case of the family father and the oldest child had been in the lab a positive one. In the rest of the family members, the infection was shown initially undetectable, the health Department is going, however, due to the symptoms that you are also affected. “The health condition of the family is not so bad that you would have to be housed in the hospital,” says Krämer. This is done primarily for the Isolation of the patient, the chain of infection to break through.

Specific information on the identity of the persons Concerned, the authorities are not made with regard to the family. The two older children had a maximum of five years old, the youngest still an infant.

The Kindergarten, in which the infected child was, remains, according to the first opened. It will be determined from when the child was infectious. You know, when was the last Time in Kindergarten, and if the overlaps, it’s important to talk with the institution and the parents, as further action is taken.

The authorities consider, with what people, the family had longer than 15 minutes contact, to verify this to a possible infection and, if necessary, take measures.

The Tests of other people that also work at Webasto, Gauting-stockdorf (district of Starnberg), brought up to noon on Friday according to the Ministry, no further positive findings.

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