Flu outbreak: Why you should now get vaccinated

Every year a wave of Influenza is sweeping through the offices and living rooms of the Germans. At times, they have created powerful, and other times it is more moderate, as in the influenza season 2018/2019. While there are only nearly four million people in a Huff hard and with pain elements dragged to the doctor, were it the year before, around nine million. And even if the experts from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) can’t say for sure in advance which flu viruses force in the 2019/2020 season on Germany’s attack: – risk patients recommends the RKI to be in October or November to vaccinate. Also, if the disease numbers usually rise in January to be significant.

When will the next flu wave?

The flu wave with higher numbers of illness usually begins in January and lasts for three to four months. The first cases but can occur even earlier. The wave of Influenza in the influenza season 2018/2019 began, for example, at the beginning of January and ended in early April. How long is a Flu epidemic will take, but is not predictable.

How intense the next Flu season will be?

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