First brushing teeth, then floss, or the other way around?

Dentists recommend to use in addition to daily Brushing, also floss to clean the spaces between the teeth. But the order is important? The scientists studied well and came to a clear result.

Brushing alone is not sufficient for the thorough removal of Plaque, because the spaces between the teeth are not covered, especially in the rear area fully. Therefore, dental floss is a Must – but which order is the right one?

A small study with 25 dental students come to the conclusion that the First floss and then brush your teeth. For the study, the participants were divided into two groups, each of which detailed instructions were given how to you should get your teeth cleaned. In the group that had used dental floss, was the removal of the deposits overall, and in the spaces between the teeth better than the reverse order. The fluoride concentration in the Biofilm between the teeth was higher when the first dental floss was used. Fluoride in many toothpastes, hardens the teeth, makes you more resistant to acids and protects the teeth against caries.

The authors of the study attribute this result to the fact that particles are removed from the interdental space, if the spaces between the teeth will be cleaned prior to Brushing with dental floss. You accept that Rinsing after brushing your teeth, in addition, contributes.


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