First aid for bumps on the head

A fall during sports or overlooked Cabinet corner: bumps caused by a blow or shock. In the result of tissue fluid flows into the body and leads to the swelling. The skin is damaged on the head in the collision, in addition, can be very heavy bleeding the result, because at the head of many of the blood vessels. What are the First aid measures in case of head injuries, appropriate, explains Andrew Gee, member of the Board of the pharmacists ‘ Association of Rhineland-Palatinate (LAV RLP).

A blow to the head often leads to headaches, drowsiness and dizziness. Heavier damage can be loss of consciousness and coordination problems, followed by Nausea and vomiting, so Hott. "So just a bump on the head, like to listen to, so prudent, you should deal with it and do not take lightly. Because all the symptoms that go beyond normal headache also may indicate a more severe injury. This can range from a concussion to a traumatic brain injury in a violent collision. Here, we are talking of severe to massive damage, the müssen&quot be immediately medically treated and controlled;, the pharmacist advises. Even simple bumps, which run unobtrusively, should be for 24 hours was observed. Dizziness, or vomiting occur later, must be visited hours after the mishap, a doctor. "Therefore, for me, that the in-house pharmacy with bumps intended for the first aid ist", Hott says.

Bad LUCK rule to follow

Who has hit the head, you should lie down as a first measure, and the head slightly raised store. In the case of bumps to the head can be oriented for this initial treatment on the PITCH-rule: P stands for rest, E stands for ice – so the Cool, C for the light pressure of a compress, and the H for high load. "For the faster healing of the bump gels and creams with Arnica, comfrey, or Calendula, all of which have a decongestant effect recommend also. Gels have the effect that they are cool addition and so is the bump faster zurückgeht", Hott says.


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