Doctor refuses to sit in chairs that make us seriously ill

The basic evil is that for many diseases, is sitting surgeon Martin Oswald says. He has removed all of the chairs largely from his environment, operates even in the Standing or kneeling, and if in the evening, the family relaxes on the Couch, he does it on the floor. FOCUS Online spoke with the exception of physicians, the research on the topic of Sitting.

Hardly any chairs in the waiting room, a standing-Desk at the reception and in the treatment rooms to find no chairs In the Augsburg-based practice by Martin Oswald, there is virtually no Seating, because the doctor does not want to encourage, to sit – and he makes it himself, he has banished from his life, Sitting almost completely.

The home is only a few Seating furniture

The surgeon with the focal points of phlebology (venous diseases) and proctology (rectal diseases) do not sit once during the operation. At home there is in him little Seating. His house, he has already designed 20 years ago, according to – which means, however, that for his family of four, not even a Couch. But instead of sitting on it, performing his two little kids mostly, says the doctor.

The only Situation in which Martin Oswald not Sit, drive a car. But even here, he has installed under the leather covering a wooden Board, so that it is at least hard, and thus the body is not fully unloaded and, thus, weakens.

Varicose veins and hemorrhoids, in some regions of the world

The presumption is that Sitting makes you ill, such as varicose veins caused, came the doctor, and already more than 20 years ago by two observations:

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Research, such as healthy people without a chair and Sitting are

So there must be a common factor that affects all people with varicose veins, he concluded. “And the only of the chair, so the Sitting,” explains the surgeon. To test his Thesis, he has conducted several study trips to Ethiopia. The Locals don’t sit there traditionally on chairs, but squatting, crouching or lying down.

In order to investigate the Locals, he had an ultrasound machine and other diagnostic means. The result: The people had no varicose veins, no hemorrhoids, not even the Older women who had born several children, what is generally considered a high risk factor for these diseases. Sitting proved to be the common factor for such diseases, so Oswald’s summary.

Incidentally, this was long before the first studies in recent years confirmed its acceptance, keyword: “Sitting is the new Smoking.”

Accordingly, a pity every hour of health, who is sitting several hours per day, Sit in his life time is shorten significantly. “I’m even convinced that Sitting is more harmful than Smoking and alcohol,” Martin Oswald. It is difficult from a sick.

Sitting and cancer

How exactly is the health to Sit at risk, how it hurts, to know, the researchers are still not exactly. Metabolism and heart are not expected to be sufficiently used. Sure, Oswald, the chair takes away the object of the attitude, in consequence of the muscles, Tendons and bone atrophy, you be afflicted with a stiff, organs permanently.

While Sitting vessels the lower blood, and the rectum, leading to hemorrhoids and varicose veins overload. Also the abdominal organs, as in the male, the prostate, and in women, pelvic floor, bladder and uterus would be through the Sit sick.

Even the risk for some types of cancer, such as colon cancer, prostate, but also breast cancer increases accordingly, due to prolonged Sitting. On the subject of Sitting and cancer, there is as yet, however, hardly in-depth studies.

Not advice, but even after that his life Credo is to give

Martin Oswald is the best proof of how positive the strict waiver on the Sitting: The 67-Year-old moves smooth, has a hinged, slim and sporty. In the 20 years since then, the formerly “wild-seater” chairs has banished from his life, improved his well being, physical changes, triggered to be consistently positive.

The usual age-related aches and pains, and the other plagues that don’t know it. When he wakes up in the morning, he sleeps on the hard floor, don’t hurt the joints and that he could get up without the help of the hands.

“Perhaps not, this is what distinguishes me from many other doctors and researchers – I’m just saying, sitting hurts, I live also after that”, explains the scientist, presents in conferences such as the veins of the Congress on a regular basis.

No recipe, but a simple Reflection

The doctor was able to integrate this principle in his life. For many others however, this is hardly possible. Most of the sit professionally, every day, for hours at a Desk and in front of the Computer. With a bit of forest running in the evening, the game can’t compensate for. “Hunger you can’t satisfy with Drink”, compares Martin Oswald. Movement is the a and you is also important, but the Sit-induced negative changes in attitude were due to movement is not reversed, he warns.

To sit as little as possible the simple, but most important, conclusion from it. “One who sits in a little, is probably a little sick, but if you want to stay healthy, shouldn’t even sit on the chair,” he sums up. The most important thing is that it avoids the wrong and the Wrong was of the chair, then the Right would come out automatically, he explains his philosophy of life. The creatures, man is created in nature over millions of years, in an environment without a chair. Not sit could likely cause no harm.

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