Coughing neighbors killed 79-Year-old confesses before court

Because it be night cough, disturbed, killed a 79-Year-old in a nursing home in Berlin-Neukölln its neighbors. “I don’t have it anymore,” said the Senior on Monday to the start of the process before the district court. He went to the bed of the 77-year-old neighbors, and I have chosen the man, “a noose around the neck and squeezed”.

The victim was strangled, according to the indictment, with the belt of a Bathrobe. The 79-Year-old was taken in the Morning after the fact in July 2018. Him of manslaughter. The German defendants, which is dependent on a Walker, lived according to his information, 16 months, with the 77-Year-old in a room.

Actually, you have understood well, described the Senior. "But for the last two weeks, he coughed constantly." The rooms have a neighbor brought him every night to sleep. "I had no nerves anymore, durchgedreht", the former craftsman, who must answer for the first time in his life in a criminal trial.

The 79-Year-old said at the time, leases were often been forces for the care of the residents. His room neighbor &quot was;not really worden&quot treated;. The 77 did not speak-Year-old last and not eat alone. "As he I constantly wanted loud coughed, in another room, but my complaints have brought nothing." The process is continued.

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