Coronavirus: What is a Mouth guard?

After a crisis meeting on the Coronavirus, the world health organization (WHO) has declared an international health emergency. After the Virus is now in many countries, has spread and today, over 200 people have died from it, was &quot the decision;almost einstimmig" like. Fearing infection, many people with respiratory protective masks to cover themselves in this country, in some pharmacies they are sold out already.

Worldwide, more than 9,700 people in over 20 countries, the Coronavirus, the most affected, including in the Chinese province of Hubei. A real-time map of the Center for Systems Science and Engineering, the Johns Hopkins University in the USA shows how the disease is spreading worldwide.

Not only in China attack people out of fear of a contagion more and more to the protection mask in Germany, Too, the concern is prior to introduction of the pathogen, the sales figures increase. "In many pharmacies nationwide, the masks are reinforced nachgefragt", Ursula sellers mountain of the ABDA &ndash said; Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists against dpa. From some Parts of Germany, is now reported that the products are sold in pharmacies.

Masks for protection against Tröpfchen infection

The Wearing of protective masks to protect against droplet infection with the virus. The surgery known mouth-nose protection (MNS), however, are not suitable: these masks are intended to prevent the carrier are droplets in the environment, and protects in the operating room so the patient. Since MNS is not sealing, he can’t protect the Bearing completely before a droplet infection. This so-called particle-filtering half-masks (filtering face piece, FFP) are suitable, which consist wholly or partly of non-replaceable filter material. This will reduce infectious aerosols in the inhaled air.

No recommendation für the German Bevöpopulation

Infection experts believe that the Wearing of respiratory protection masks in Germany at the moment is unnecessary. "Personal protection is at the moment completely unsinnig", the Chairman of the German society for infectious diseases, Professor Dr. Bernd salzberger of the University hospital in Regensburg, said to dpa. He also confirmed that the MNS is not made to protect against contagions: "The protection against infection from the outside is very, very bad damit", so Salzberger. To protect against viruses experts recommend that the usual hygiene measures: regular hand washing, disinfectants and distance to Ill of at least one Meter.


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