Coronavirus: Should refrain from currently better to travel abroad?

Even in Germany-spreading Coronavirus, Sars-CoV-2, the uncertainty is increasing in this country. In the past week, could reader your questions related to the novel Virus, the stareditorial points. Here you can read the answer by our experts on the question of whether it is in spite of the spread of the Coronavirus still makes sense to travel in the holidays.

Coronavirus: Should you go currently abroad?

Question: I’m flying at the end of the week with Turkish Airlines to Vietnam. Currently, I’m going to assume that this flight also takes place. My question relates to the return flight. Turkish Airlines has already set up Connections to China, Italy and Iran. What would happen if Connections are set to Germany? I would then probably only once in Istanbul beaches.

Another star-a reader wants to know: We fly on 16.03. to Tenerife (in the North, not in the currently affected Hotel). This is a sensible and responsible? Or you should stay up to date better in the vicinity?

And another reader writes: On 9. March 2020 would be planned a holiday trip to the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura), but all over the world makes me crazy, we should just get on a plane and airports to avoid. My partner wants to have, should I fly, a negative Coronavirus Test upon my return and I have to keep 14 days of your and your family.

My biggest concern is not a possible illness, but that I was sitting in the Hotel for several weeks as a self-employed craftsman in quarantine, because I could be stupid to have had any contact with a suspected case.

And yet, a reader has reported: We are at the time very unsettled. We (man, 37, wife, 37, and child, 5) wanted to be on 11.3. to Thailand (Phuket) to fly. Our fear is, of course, us on the trip, on the plane and, in particular, during the airport visits, infect. For example, we have in Istanbul for four hours. Also little think, it seems to me worthy of it, that Turkey has no suspected cases, and in Thailand the number of cases is not increasing for weeks, really. On the other, we fear, to get somewhere (instead of home) in quarantine. Unfortunately, we cannot estimate when Germany as a high-risk area be classified. And we sit firmly.


Holiday travel, pregnancy, pre-existing condition: The star reader answered questions about the Coronavirus

The star answers: The planned destinations include yet not to the places, by the authorities as a risk area determined to be. You can find more information here. It is difficult to assess how risky a trip will be. In the case of a package tour with your event organizer to contact, if you can rebook now as a gesture of goodwill. In the view of lawyers, the organiser will be liable for extra costs if guests are captured in a Hotel by quarantine longer. The question is whether you in the event of a flight cancellation on the return trip Airlines, a replacement connection offers, can only be answered by the airline.

More answers from the star’s editorial to readers ‘ questions, you can find here.

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