Constantly cold hands: Possible causes and helpful tips at a Glance

In the majority of cases, the explanation for cold hands is pretty simple: When the temperature drops, constrict the blood vessels in our limbs so that they are worse supplied with blood – ergo: Our fingers feel cold. Normally, this condition should be corrected when you enter a warm room, and your vessels wide again. Your fingers remain, nevertheless, permanently cold, numb or even blue, can plug in different diseases behind it. In the Following you will learn about potential causes, and get practical tips that you can warm as your cold hands better.

Possible reasons for cold hands – the lies behind it

Lack of iron: If little iron in your body is, is like your body this deficiency through the bloodstream from. As a result, the heat can change-cold-Feeling. To find out whether you are suffering from iron deficiency, you should consult a doctor – after blood draws, you know more.

Underactive thyroid: cold hands can also be hormonally favors be, for example, if your thyroid is too little hormones are produced, and thus, your metabolic processes slows down. Here also, a doctor can give you information about whether you are suffering from an underactive thyroid, and give you appropriate medication to prescribe.

Raynaud’s syndrome: When your finger tips turn pale and the Rest of the Hand stand out, you may have a functional circulatory disturbance – while pulling their vessels as a reaction to the cold so closely together that their fingers white, or even blue start, numb, or tingling. In which case, you should consult a doctor.

To the other options, the cold Finger can cause, include well known causes for many other diseases with responsible are: Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of movement, a Mineral and/or nutrient deficiency, lack of sleep, a heart weakness, low blood pressure, too much Stress, depression, permanent anxiety, hormonal and metabolic disorders, thrombosis, a lack of nutrition, and taking certain medications. In most cases, you can combat the causes so on their own.

These tips will help against cold hands

On cold days, our hands freeze very quickly, especially if you move in the Free – and, a fortiori, if they shuffle a stroller in front of him. Here is a simple way to keep your fingers warm: with a special hand warmers, the you to all the popular kids and buggies due to the robust push buttons to fasten. Through the built-in lining made of Fleece and water – and wind-resistant outer cover your hands all the time to be protected from cold. Here you get the hand warmer:

With an average temperature of 55 degrees Celsius are these special heating pad is also very good to your hands before the Cooling – to protect for up to twelve hours. The just 9.5 5.5 inches large Pads to fit in any Jacket or Trouser pocket, but can also be installed in the gloves. You will be activated as soon as you open the packaging, and heat up without the Intervention of power to a toasty warm temperature, so your hands remain warm. Here are the mobile heating pads:

The only drawback to the above-mentioned Pads is that they can not be re-used, and after use in the waste land. Who are you, for the sake of the environment and more value on a hand warmer, which can be recharged, this device is perhaps a better Alternative for you: It not only looks like a Powerbank, but also a – but, in contrast to the ordinary devices of this heat. Depending on what temperature you prefer, you can the Powerbank to 45 (level one) or 60 degree (level two) Celsius is heated to be:

Significantly more expensive to purchase, but it is also electrically operated, these heated gloves. By a Lithium battery powered, can be heated in the Interior in three stages: Up to 35 (level one), to 42 (level two) and up to 50 degrees Celsius (level three) – as a result, the gloves are suitable for all Outdoor activities: The fabric is breathable yet water-repellent, in addition to the built – in heater can be by the push of a button at any time to and switched off.

Instead of warm thoughts to Outdoor heating, you can thermal also, quite simply, a small Cup of take – in hot drinks such as coffee or tea, or stay for up to four hours hot. Through the 360-degree Opening, you can drink the contents of each page, or with one other Person share. In any case, it can help with cold hands to warm yourself with a nice hot drink from the inside. Then keep it Outdoors, also the same for much longer. Here you will get the Cup.

In itself, it is of course always a good idea to wear on cold days, a pair of ordinary gloves, if you are on the go. So you can’t protect your hands at any time prior to the cold – even if the protection is usually of long duration. Here, you can help but, for example, by using one of the above-mentioned heat-Gadgets in addition, by the combination of a padded handle and an electrically or manually powered hand warmers for your cold hands are likely to belong to shoes in the past. Here you will find a large selection of different models in different colors for Him and her.

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