Colonoscopy: The right preparation

Detected early, there is a good chance of cure for bowel cancer. Therefore, Prevention is all the more important. A common investigation, the colonoscopy is. Many people are terrified of it. With the right preparation it is quite easy and possible without problems.

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer disease in Germany. To diagnose this, there are a variety of methods. One of them is the colonoscopy.

The colonoscopy is not Affected the most pleasant screening. This is why many people shy away from. That is why it is all the more important to avoid possible complications. This can be achieved with the right preparation. It is particularly important to clean the colon thoroughly and completely. Because if even small particles such as food remains in the intestine, it is possible that the Instrument (endoscope) is clogged or the doctor does not recognize tissue changes.

The preparation for the colonoscopy:

  • Actually begins the preparation for already five days prior to the examination. From this point on, you should not eat any food with grains. The tomatoes and cucumbers are in addition to grains, bread and cereals.
  • Three days before the colonoscopy, you should take the food to further customize. Avoid flatulent and indigestible food. These are mainly food, which are very fasrig and a lot of fiber included. Foods such as lettuce, asparagus, Corn, and spinach you should therefore avoid. Without concerns, you can bread white, rice, potatoes and Pasta to eat this type because of the contained carbohydrates and energy, in order to survive the time without food is good. You but avoid whole-grain products. In addition, you should drink three days before the start plenty of to.
  • On the day before the examination you may have a light Breakfast to take. However, without foods that contain whole-grain flour or grains. The lunch should contain on this day, no solid components. You eat, for example, a clear stock, but be careful: herbs also count as a Deposit. On the dinner, you should avoid that day altogether. In the case of most laxatives, the intake of laxative begins in the late afternoon. Depending on the laxative, and depending on what time your appointment for the colonoscopy, this can vary, however. As a General rule, you should drink after taking much. The more you drink, the better. You discuss this with your doctor.

In General for the colonoscopy:

  • You should be very hungry, you may drink up to two hours before the investigation, clear juices or lemonade. After that, only water is allowed.
  • On iron supplements, you should avoid immediately before the colonoscopy, because these can degrade visibility in the intestine.
  • You discuss taking medication with your doctor. This explains to you what medications you should settle and which you as usual can take.
  • If you suffer from cardiovascular diseases or kidney ailments, you need to clarify this with the doctor before the colonoscopy. In these cases, the high fluid intake dangerous.

The colonoscopy itself usually takes place under anesthesia, so they noticed nothing.

After the colonoscopy you may not normally eat. Nevertheless, it is advisable with easily digestible foods such as roasted vegetables to start.

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