China confirms fourth plague case

China has reported the fourth case of an influenza infection within a few weeks. As the state news Agency Xinhua reported, confirmed authorities of the illness of a man in the Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia. The shepherd infected with the bubonic plague and is being treated in a hospital.

Already on 16. November had the disease in the North Chinese Region of a man to the bubonic plague. Prior to that, the authorities reported two patients with pneumonic plague, which also originated from Inner Mongolia, but in the capital, Beijing, were treated.

In China, it always comes back to occasional infections with plague pathogens. From 2009 to September 2019 diseased state media have announced that 27 people to various forms of the plague – 12 of them died.

As the state-run newspaper Global Times reported that infected the man with the bubonic plague after he had the meat of a wild rabbit ate it. He’s having a rest now and again. The people with whom he had contact, were also examined, but in the meantime, again dismissed.

People should keep wild animals

The authorities take measures, with which a further spread is to be prevented. On an area of 133 square kilometers, sprayed helicopter in Inner Mongolia, rat poison. The bacterium Yersinia pestis can be transmitted, among other things, from rats via fleas to humans.

Chinese health experts said, the plague could be controlled, if people of wild animals would keep, which could carry the bacterium. There were also offered training courses for medical workers in the affected regions.

According to the world health organization (WHO), there are in different countries again and again plague cases. From 2010 to 2015, the organization consisted of 3248 Ill in the world, 584 of them died. A great eruption took place in 2017 in Madagascar with several Thousand confirmed cases, more than 200 people died.

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