Cancer is the most common cause of death in rich countries – how you can reduce your risk by 40 percent

Cancer cardiovascular diseases as the main cause of death. This is a result of two studies presented on Tuesday at the European cardiology Congress in Paris. Click here to read about what you can do to reduce his risk of cancer.

In the 35 – to 70-Year-old of some of the richer and emerging countries, cancer has replaced, in the meantime, the cardiovascular diseases as the main cause of death. The world is experiencing a critical change in the non-communicable diseases, such As cardiovascular disease in many countries, is likely to cancer in several decades, worldwide, the most common cause of death, it was said at the European cardiology Congress (ESC) in the specialist magazine "Lancet" published data. It is essential to national health strategies to adapt.

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Cardiovascular diseases are the researchers found that in rich countries, since about half a century, the most common cause of death. Overall, cardiac-vascular Suffering also, according to the new analysis, the main cause of death: 40 per cent of the recorded deaths had a cardiovascular Background. Among the 35 – to 70-Year-olds in wealthy countries there are in the Mediterranean but in the meantime, approximately twice as many cancer deaths as due to cardiovascular diseases.

As rich countries. apply in the case of the so-called &quot…PURE"-Investigation, for example, Canada or Sweden. Germany and Austria were not included in the analysis. As countries with a medium income, for example, China, Poland and Turkey will be conducted, as poor countries, India and Tanzania.

Figures for Germany

For Germany, the latest Figures from the Federal Statistical office for the year 2017 show cardiovascular disease as the most common cause of death. 37 percent of all deceased were due to the fact. Cancer followed in second place. They were for about a quarter of the deaths.

Federal Statistical Office

90 percent of the annually around 230,000 cancer deaths can be attributed not to the primary tumor but to metastases, which are often hard to fight. Approximately 500,000 new Cancer cases are registered in Germany each year. The risk of disease increases in many types of cancer with increasing age – the case of increase in the ageing society, Germany’s numbers. Experts expect an increase of up to 600,000 new cases per year by 2030.

Life-style lowers the risk to get cancer

In order to reduce the risk of developing cancer, the life style is especially important. Up to 50 percent of all cancers are attributable to an unhealthy life style – appreciate, experts from the German cancer research Institute (DKFZ). That is to say: Everyone can do some things to prevent. Experts speak of 40 to 50 percent of preventable malignant tumors by factors that anyone can change. Cancer experts from across Europe have created the “European cancer code”. Here are the seven most important rules are:

1. You don’t smoke

The risk of the number one factor in tobacco smoke. Its carcinogenic substances not only increase the risk of lung cancer. With each cigarette, the risk for other tumors, such as in the mouth and throat, stomach, or the esophagus, pancreas, urinary bladder, or kidney increases.

2. Avoid Obesity

Almost as serious as Smoking, the risk of Obesity factor. That an increased percentage of body fat increases the risk for at least eleven types of cancer, the experts of the German cancer research Institute (DKFZ) as shown.

3. You move on a daily basis

It is also certain that physical activity reduces the risk for colon cancer and probably breast and uterine body cancer. The code advises daily to a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of intense physical activity.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables, avoid highly processed meat products

“Five a day” – the recommendation of the German society for nutrition, which advises us to five servings of fruits and vegetables, is a simple Anti-cancer rule. Sausage as well as heavily processed and red meat are to be found for 2015, the list of potentially carcinogenic substances. The scientists from the cancer research Agency of WHO is not advisable to eat more than 300 to 600 grams of meat and sausage per week.

5. You drink little alcohol

Two Drinks a day for men, one Drink for women – more, the European cancer code not approved. Who regularly drink more alcohol, increases the risk for liver cancer and all types of tumors of the digestive tract.

6. Protect yourself from the sun

For skin cancer, the UV radiation is clear, the main risk factor. Sun protection is, therefore, from Childhood, is important. You waive, to the Solarium and use creams with a sufficient light protection factor, if you are in the sun Outdoors.

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7. Avoid the use of carcinogenic substances

Environmental pollutants such as fine dust or some chemicals can cause tumors of the lung, bladder or skin. Also x-rays are risky. Therefore, avoid frequent x-ray examinations, you should refrain from long walks, if the fine dust levels are high, and pay attention, for example, mineral oil in cosmetics, burnt meat at a barbecue, or your dealings with plant protection products.

Data from 21 of the countries analyzed

For the Paris studies presented data of around 160,000 people had been at the age of 35 to 70 years from 21 countries analysed. With cardiovascular disease-related deaths there are in this age group, therefore, in poorer countries, around two and a half times more often than in rich countries – although in the wealthy industrial countries have much more risk factors for such diseases.

The cause of the worse health care in poor countries, is likely to be the researchers explain Salim Yusuf of McMaster University in Hamilton and Gilles Dagenais from the University of Laval in Quebec (Canada). Global played-preventable factors such as Obesity, lack of exercise and high blood pressure a major role in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease, in poorer countries, problems such as polluted air in the household and malnutrition.

Even if the data base is large, in the Interpretation of the data caution should be taken, explain the researchers. For all the countries of the earth, generalizing the results could, among other things, because "PURE" West and North Africa as well as Australia were not taken into account.

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