Bronchial mucus: Yellow does not necessarily mean bacterial

In the case of cough, the Doctors values, a yellow-green colour of the bronchial mucus often indicates a bacterial infection and prescribe antibiotics. The color of the mucus, however, would be a clear indication, said Dr. med. Peter Kardos from Frankfurt. He criticized the fact that antibiotics were the cough the most frequently prescribed medication.

The bronchial mucus is composed of water, the white blood cells and dead cells, bacteria, beige are mixed. Depending on the amount of these substances, the color of the mucus changes. “The mucus is yellow, that means not necessarily that the bacteria for the infection are responsible,” noted Kardos. Even people with Asthma, no bacterial pathogens are involved, seem to have had any colored discharge.

Kardos: “in the Beginning, it’s mostly viruses that cause the common cold and the cough. Antibiotics that act only against bacteria, can then do nothing.” To ease the cough during these first days, he recommends cough silent from pharmacy. There are also herbal supplements that can help. “It is only when the cough has not improved after ten days is better, then there may be a added as a bacterial infection that is treated with antibiotics,” said the doctor. Kardos is a proven expert in the field of Phthisiology and lead author of the guideline “cough” of the German society for pneumology.


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