Breast implants can make you sick

Breast enlargements can be combined to bring a series of side effects, the implant as a breast illness. In the journal "Annals of Plastic Surgery" now is published a study, according to which a removal of the implants improves the symptoms and the relief it brings.

A data analysis of 750 patients whose breast implants were removed within two years of the same surgeon completely, showed that eleven typical symptoms of breast implant illness improved after their removal continued. These include chest pain, hair loss, included irritation, respiratory problems, memory problems and, in General, a lot of pain. Women in whom capsule contraction had occurred, so thickening of the breast tissue, the chest, muscle pain, and difficulty in breathing can cause, demonstrated after the implant removal, the largest improvements in their symptoms. Was it of importance whether the implants were filled with silicone or saline.

Causes für side effects are unknown

Breast implants are used for almost 60 years, but you don’t know yet, how it is implant to the symptoms of breast disease comes. This is partly due to the fact that the consequences of breast augmentation have been studied for 30 years, hardly. Also the many different products for breast augmentation complicate the elucidation of the biological mechanisms behind the disease. Today, it is believed that the immune system and inflammation are involved in the symptoms. The researchers hope to be able to the causes through further studies in the future to better explain.


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