Are Tattoos removed soon, in back rooms?

Ass antlers, a star at the elbow, or the Name of an Ex-girlfriend on the forearm: Unwanted Tattoos on the body look like after years of sometimes ugly and want to way, sometimes you can strain and mentally.

The educator Vanessa Stark of Berlin, for example, bears Tattoos all over his body. Because two motives are to be successful they should disappear. For weeks, the 24-Year-old visited a laser Studio. “This is quite annoying and not cheap,” she says. Alone, the removal of a mandala on the Hand will cost around 1300 Euro, about ten times the Tattoo price.

At the moment everyone is allowed to a device and a business license, and a laser safety course has been completed, Tattoos by Laser removal. However, according to a new regulation for radiation protection may not offer as of the end of 2020, only Doctors the treatment.

The future of many Laser Studios is so uncertain: “We do not yet know how to do it,” says Markus Lühr, founder of the chain, “Karlsruhe”, who works with medical practitioners. Doctors are not allowed to do the GmbH. “The Tattoo-removal in the future much more expensive and it will give long waiting times,” he says. “I hope that the Whole thing is not to drift into a gray zone, and in the back rooms of practiced.”

Per session to “get a view”, depending on the size of the tattoo, between 95 and 690 euros. The patient will pay the self only in exceptional cases, the insurance company for it comes. On the Website of the dermatologist-centre of Kiel, which also offers Tattoo removals, be specified the cost for a laser session is between 60 and 200 euros.

Also the founder of the “I”, Andrea Goeman, the fear is that the Tattoo removal could be more expensive. “Our clients are often very stressed by their Tattoos and will soon have no way to allow you to remove affordable legal professional. I hope that the policy of compromises,” says the naturopath from Hannover, who works at nationwide, 19 locations with beauticians and nurses, but also Advisory to Doctors. The new regulation will be devastating for your business. Goeman expects customers to Tattoo removal to go in the future, also abroad.

It depends on the size

The Karlsruhe-based dermatologist and Laser expert Christian Raulin justifies the new regulation: “A doctor has training in medical understanding and, in many cases, an ethics.” In almost half of the cases, he will advise patients of a Tattoo removal. “If I see that the colors are unfavorable, or the Tattoo is too big, I let the fingers of it,” he says. Tattoos that cover half an arm, from his point of view, yet removable. Large tattoos would remain for the Rest of your life.

In the case of a laser treatment, the dye particles are shot up into small parts. The fragments are to be removed from the body or degraded. Possible side effects: In the destruction of some of the pigments of the Federal office for radiation protection, toxic and carcinogenic Compounds such as hydrocyanic acid, or benzene, may arise. The office also warns against burns, pigmentation changes, inflammation, and scarring if the Laser is not used properly. (Read more here about the risks of Tattoo removal)

“If the Tattoo is a suspektes nevus, may develop after laser treatment, almost unnoticed, a skin cancer,” says the physician Raulin. In addition, it is possible that the allergic substances from the Tattoo spread throughout the body: “Then it itches everywhere.”

20 sessions or more

The lasers Raulin, the only Option to remove a Tattoo completely. In addition, unpleasant pictures to be sanded or filed off, with acid-etched or with liquid nitrogen by cold therapy. Because aesthetically unacceptable scars, pigment disorders, and other lasting side effects of this procedure are to be rejected but strictly.

The number of Tattooed, there are only estimates. According to a 2017 published study by the University of Leipzig there are about 16 million people. 1.2 million patients per year are estimated to have a laser treatment for Tattoo removal in the claim.

In the ideal case, a professional tattoo, let to up to 20 or more sessions to remove, so Raulin. However, clinical experience shows that about one third of the patients, even after very many meetings, not a full removal successful. Especially the colorful and multi-colored Tattoos are difficult to remove. “Tattoos are not decals, but something for life,” says Raulin. It is the Trend not a big future: “After ten years, this is over.”

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