Aluminum in the deodorant is less harmful than thought

Many people in Germany take up too much aluminum, such as the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) in the past year, has been detected ( reported). The harmful substance is, among other things, in Deodorants, which are used daily. A new evaluation is now, however, the all-clear.

Through the skin significantly less aluminum is absorbed than previously thought. In 2014, the BfR had a rating for the first time, the absorption of aluminum salts on the skin, the data was able to this time, however, contradictory. Now, two new studies provide more clarity. The latest study from the year 2019 has identified for the intake of aluminum through the skin, bioavailability of 0,00192 percent of the applied amount of Aluminum. "Health impairments caused by regular use of OH-containing Deodorants are, according to current scientific knowledge, therefore, unwahrscheinlich", the BfR writes on his current opinion.

Aluminum is also found in food

Aluminum is in addition to cosmetics, especially in foodstuffs, including tea, coffee, spices and cocoa-containing foods such as chocolate. Legumes, vegetables and cereals can also contain large amounts of aluminum. Also foods that come into direct contact with aluminum, in contact, are often charged to: These include, for example, pretzels that were on Aluminium, baked, or Apple juice that has been stored in uncoated aluminum tanks leaches.

To high aluminum levels in the body can have to the current scientific knowledge of the negative effects on the nervous system, the kidneys and the bones.


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