Actress Odette Annable Opens Up About Suffering a Miscarriage in New Instagram Post

Actress Odette Annable shared a moving photo on Instagram Tuesday, revealing in the caption that she recently suffered a miscarriage. She spoke out about the experience on what would have been her baby's due date, posting a photo of herself when she was in her second trimester, in December 2020.

"I was 15 weeks pregnant when this photo was taken back in December and today would have been your due date," Annable, 36, wrote. "There was another plan and our baby is no longer with us. I miss feeling this sweet baby grow but I also know that it was a gift carrying our baby and a privilege for even the short time we spent together."

Annable went on to say that she felt it was necessary to acknowledge her family's loss. "It never felt right to not share or celebrate this moment in our life, I just needed the space to do it," she wrote. "I have found that there are always silver linings in the hard things if you look closely. And they are without doubt my husband and my daughter."

The actress said that she'd previously suffered two other miscarriages after the birth of her daugther, Charlie Mae Annable, who turned 5 years old in September. She stressed the importance of being authentic about life experiences on social media. "I share this because what you see on a social media page isn't always what's going on in real life. My social media page consists mostly of a highlight reel."

While staying mostly positive, Annable wrote that it was crucial, for her, to be honest as well. "I try to keep it as authentic as I can, but I also largely focus on the positive because that feels good to me. But this is real and this is part of life. The really hard stuff that you never think or want to come your way," she wrote.

Annable said that losing her baby increased her appreciation for family, writing: "This experience has given me a new appreciation for my husband who was a rock for me and was unwavering with his support even though I know he was feeling it as well. It made me marvel at what a miracle Charlie is. What a miracle and a blessing it is to have a healthy child." 

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