A young mother has cancer, but gets misdiagnosis – now you want to warn others

After her Doctors ran out of months and months of a harmless node that received the 35-Year-old Gemma Corby in February 2019, the diagnosis of breast cancer. Today, the young mother wants to educate other women, and that breast cancer symptoms are detected early and treated.

The Doctors thought the lump in the breast of Gemma Corby for a blocked Milk duct. Nothing Unusual, something that many breastfeeding women occurring. Only after months, the 35-Year-old diagnosed with breast cancer.

How the American news channel Fox News reported, was your daughter still in the intensive care unit for newborns, as the Englishwoman felt the knot in August 2018 for the first Time. Fox News refers to the British news Agency SWNS.

The Doctors suspected to be behind the node a clogged Milk duct. Many of the lactating women milk ducts, causing pressure and lead to local pain, or small nodes can be created in the chest.

The node grew and grew

However, the nodes in the breast of the young mother changed. In the beginning, he grew the size of a chickpea, in the following months, but always more.

The rapid growth prompted Corbys gynecologist in February 2019 to a Referral for an ultrasound. The Doctors found an anomaly. Ten days later, Gemma Corby received a mammogram. Their diagnosis was: A triple-negative breast cancer. This is a very rare but aggressive type of breast cancer that spreads with a higher probability and once again occurs, as other types of breast cancer.

Gemma Corby, then began chemotherapy. Your story will be published, which is her big concern. She wants to encourage women to be persistent, to your health: “If you find a node, then please go to a breast cancer study. You need to make sure what it is.“

She suspects that one of the reasons for the long misdiagnosing their pain. “I was often told that everything was in order. Breast cancer wouldn’t hurt. But I was very painful.“

Corby wants to raise awareness in the population

“Now I look back and think I should probably be more fuss about the matter,” said Corby, compared to SWNS. “But no one seemed to believe that something is wrong. What was I supposed to do?“

Your medical history prompted the 35-Year-old, with the charity Breast Cancer Now working together. She wants to raise awareness in the population, in order to detect possible signs of breast cancer in a timely manner. Because while many of the symptoms are invisible, or without medical care visible, may not be sensitive nipples, or node, is a clear sign that something is wrong.

Also, a change in the skin’s structure, size, or shape of the breast, and an enlargement of the pores may indicate a health risk.

For more information and other symptoms for breast cancercan be found here.

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