A woman plays during her own brain SURGERY, violin

The King’s College hospital in London published a remarkable Video.

A patient plays the violin while surgeons remove a Tumor from your brain.

According to the hospital, the unusual approach was chosen to ensure that the sensitive hand movement and coordination-responsible areas of the brain of the patient were not damaged. Because the Tumor was near an area that is for the coordination of the left Hand responsible.

After Mrs Turner had expressed concerns that they could after the Operation, no longer play the violin, has decided the Team of the neurosurgeons Professor Keyoumars Ashkan to awaken the patient during the Operation, and to allow you to play the violin, while her Tumor was removed.

“We knew how important the violin for Dagmar, therefore, it was important that we get the function in the sensitive areas of your brain that are for your game is important. We have managed to remove about 90 percent of the tumor, including all areas where corrosive activity is suspected, and have retained full function in her left Hand.”

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