An effective vaccine against Sars-CoV-2, since all the experts agree, it will depend on when the life of his half-accustomed to running can take.

Worldwide University institutes and pharmaceutical companies are working to find a medium that protects against the novel Coronavirus, again and again you will be reported – either out of Conviction or out of PR reasons – progress.

Clinical study on Coronavirus vaccine

Now there is another glimmer of hope, this time from the prestigious British University of Oxford, including the “New York Times” reported.

Scientists at the Jenner Institute plan, in may a possible vaccine-to test candidates in a clinical study of around 6000 volunteers. If it turns out that the agent is safe and effective, could procedure through an exception to the approval of the Supervisory authorities, and an accelerated production in the coming autumn the first doses of the vaccine will be available.

For comparison: In Germany the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut has given the Biotech company Biontech from Mainz, the green light for a first clinical trial in approximately 200 people with a potential vaccine. With a potential approval in the Institute’s President, Klaus Cichutek attributed not to the coming year.

At the Jenner Institute of the University of Oxford, the researchers are cautiously optimistic that their study leads to success. In experiments with rhesus monkeys have demonstrated your Vaccine (ChAdOx1) as effective. Six animals were vaccinated with the medium, and then the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 exposed. All the monkeys were four weeks later, healthy, while unvaccinated fellow sufferers.

Research Covid-19

Former WHO coordinator: "A vaccine may have no great significance."

The result of the study on animals was, however, not yet been shared with the science community, said one of the researchers, according to the New York Times. A comprehensive assessment of the results by the professional world is therefore not yet possible. The suitability of a vaccine in rhesus monkeys is also no proof that the drug works in humans, and is safe. This needs to be in the upcoming clinical Tests found out. Also, it is unclear whether a vaccine candidate can also be for all population groups.

However, With the announcement that a clinical study of Thousands of people to perform, and has taken over the Jenner Institute on a pioneering role. Of subjects for the clinical test, there is a lack of the researchers do not appear to be. “We have received a large number of applications and currently accept no more”, explain on the Internet.

And the scientists are trying to slow down the euphoria a little. In the autumn of 2020 a vaccine is “the best scenario” and “very ambitious”. The time frame can change at any time. In all haste to the researchers, the promise of “great care”.

According to the latest Figures from the Gavi vaccine Alliance, a coalition of governments, the world health organization, Unicef, the world Bank, non-governmental organizations and pharmaceutical companies, research is being conducted around the world to more than 100 potential vaccines. Actually found an effective and safe candidate, was by no means sure, said Cavi last Friday. But: “According to what I know about science, I’m pretty optimistic,” said the head of GAVI, Seth Berkley.

For the time being, it is, but in spite of the small hope of glimmer from Oxford for an extended period of time: the distance to keep and mask.

Sources: “New York Times”, “The Jenner Institute”, “Oxford Vaccine Trial”, AFP news Agency

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